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Sunday 14 August 2016 - Filed under Uncategorized

Driving back from a lovely visit with family in Sumpter Oregon.

I have been working to update this here website for about a week or so. Well actually I haven’t been doing much except for telling other people to do stuff. They switched everything to an updated server and everything has been modernized. This here website has been ignored by me for a number of years as you can well see. Most of the last few posts have been: “gee I should really get back to blogging like I did in the olden days”. I’m gonna stop saying that here. I should really blog and write more posts are lame. I’m gonna stop saying that. I’m also gonna stop saying that I should stop saying that. I’m just going to write and stop talking about it.

So now we are hurtling through space and time shooting down I84. Plummeting down through the gorge. The time is now 3:22 PM on a Sunday. Kirsten is driving our black mini van. I am in the passenger seat. G Noodle is behind the driver. Johnny V. is behind me. Our dog Parker is further in the back. Parker and the new mini van did not exist on this website before today’s post. New additions to the Noodle saga. The new kitty, Percy Jackson Darth Kittious Pierre the 4th is also a new character to the drama. He is at home waiting for our return.

We are planning on stopping in the Dalles for dinner. I hope they allow dogs. It’s very hot out and Parker won’t be able to stay in the boiling van.

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Hmmm how about this one

Thursday 15 January 2015 - Filed under Uncategorized

Testing testing



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Hmmm a post from my iPhone while I wait for work to come in

Thursday 15 January 2015 - Filed under internet + Noodle CLC + writing

So I got the WordPress app for my phone so I could upload blog post from my phone. Yes I know I’ve done that on my other phone.. It’s not this phone though.

Does anyone blog anymore?

How do I post a photo from this app?



Oh well that was easy.

Well I guess the hard part will be the writing eh?

No. That’s not hard once you get into a rhythm right? Wait how do you spell rhythm?

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Noodle 2014 Music Picks

Friday 5 December 2014 - Filed under music


2014 is winding to a close and I was reminded by a friend that a top albums, end of year list is due.

Hmmm… Yeah there was some good stuff this year. I took a glance at Rolling Stone’s picks for 2014 and once again was surprised by all the albums I missed or bands I had never heard of.

Oh getting older.

I also spent most of my listening time towards the end of the year listening to audiobooks and not music. Books on tape? Books on disc?

Anyway. I tried to keep it around 10. I might be forgetting somebody. There’s not very many new faces on this list. I have become comfortably predictable.

My top two albums of the year were easy picks. I have listened to them so much that their ones and zeros are wearing out.

1. Liars “mess”
Favorite album. There wasn’t an equal. The concert was a great evening out as well.

2. Run The Jewels “run the jewels 2”
A kick in the pants. I listened to it on repeat for two entire work weeks.

The rest of the albums on my list aren’t in any specific order. Well I guess by frequency of listening. I was a little unsure about the ones towards the bottom but they made the best of list.

3. Swans “to be kind”
I was a Swans fanatic this year. Truth be told I listened to “the seer” more than “to be kind” this year but “the seer” was a 2012 release. The last three Swans albums go really well together.

4. Thom York “tomorrow’s modern boxes”

5. Hawks Do Not Share “hdns”
My friend’s band! Favorite song on the album is “disappear”

6. Aphex Twin “Syro”

7. Morrissey “world peace is none of your business”

8. Alt J “this is all yours”

9. Notwist “close to the glass”

10. Atriarch “an unending pathway”
Another friend’s band! It was a fun soundtrack while trick or treating with the boys.

11. TV on the Radio “seeds”

12. Afghan Whigs “do to the beast”

13. Jack White “lazaretto”

I was kind of prodded, tempted, tested, antagonized to put the new U2 album “songs of innocence” in the best of 2014 list. Why though? because it’s U2?
I don’t know. It was fine. I listened to it quite a bit to try to make myself like it. ok…

14. U2 “songs of innocence” IF and ONLY IF ALL 18 episodes of “You Talkin U2 to Me?” podcast are listened to first.

You Talkin U2 to Me? Was definitely a listening joy of 2014. Hmmm. maybe a podcast should take the #1 spot this year?

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longest day of the year

Friday 21 June 2013 - Filed under internet + poetry + writing

Hmmm. The cybernet tells me that summer solstice is usually on June 21st but this year the longest day of the year started on June 20th. Who knows. They all seem to be making this stuff up as they go don’t they? Ask poor Pluto. I titled this post longest day of the year because I saw that was what previous posts on this date were titled. So longest day of the year huh? That was it. Now they’ll get shorter. That’s kind of a bummer. Summer starts to be over before it really even starts. Summer doesn’t start here in Portland weather-wise until after the 4th of July. I have learned to accept that now finally. I am no longer surprised by the gray, cold, dreary rainy days we have like we have had this week. That was a weird sentence. I haven’t been writing much lately. I think my poetry is on hold too for now. I have been concentrating on other matters as of late. That’s the strange thing about this here web journal. There are certain goings on with schemes and such that I can’t speak of here. You have to watch what you say when broadcasting on the internet don’t you? That’s just best practices right? There are millions of stories out there about so and so who got caught talking about such and such on the internet. You can’t talk about how bored you are at your dead end job. One should definitely not talk about feeling out of date and worried that the cool, hip, creative work world will pass you by and leave you stuck in your current position as an old man. You can’t talk about how you feel little bits of your soul flying off into the ether when you hear the time clock click. One certainly can’t speak openly on the internet about how turning 40 has stirred up creative unrest and the desire for something more. In case people who can make life difficult for you are reading your blog you probably should never say that you have been looking for other employment opportunities and are available for freelance or contract work. Yeah, so maybe I’m not being very honest here in the journal when I censor myself like that. Maybe I should feel like I could be more free with my true thoughts and feelings. I mean nobody is really reading this anyway. I filmed my friend’s band playing the other night and that was pretty fun. You can see it here. I didn’t do much in the filming. OK I just held my video camera up and hit record. I know. I guess the fun I had was putting the footage on the computer, getting the compression to look nice, and seeing it on the YouTubes. It made me want to put more videos up. Hmmm. What to do? Oh yeah. I could do that… Well you see, we read his blog and he talked about shooting some video at a certain time and at a certain place. We knew he wasn’t going to be home then so we went and stole his house. No, that’s right. We didn’t just rob him. We picked his entire house up and took it. Yep. Just like that. Yanked it right up and took everything. Yeah. I’m not sure why I am so paranoid today. I do have several pots on the burners and I’m getting a little antsy waiting for them to boil. I know. A watched pot doesn’t boil, blah blah blah, but what am I supposed to do in the meantime? It was the longest day of the year and he tried his best to make the longest post of the year. It was one big block of text without any line breaks so it scared readers away instantly. No one bothered to read his piles of rambling gibberish. He eventually tired himself out (sooner than one would have anticipated) and had to stop typing and go back to work.

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Tuesday 11 June 2013 - Filed under G NOODLE + Littler Noodle + telecommuting + Uncategorized + writing


Yo! Yo! Hey I’m back! It has been exactly a year since I have posted in this lovely journal. Yep. I took a year off. The Noodle diaries have been on hiatus. I’m not sure why. Blogging is hard. When we last left off I was trying to write a blog entry every day for a year and in the end it seemed forced and I wasn’t writing very much. I’m going to try to write bigger post entries from now on and leave the smaller ones for Twitter. OK look, I’m not going to blog every day alright. Maybe every few days. Maybe once a week. When I find a spare quiet moment… See Johnny Jon Jon is taking me away from typing right now by growling and pulling the doors off this cabinet thing K has sitting in the dinning room… Where was I?… Now he’s making an ambulance siren squeal…

THE NOODLE DIARIES SEASON 12. I don’t think this is really Season 12 is it? I took a couple of seasons off. I think I took most of 2005 off didn’t I? It’s probably more like Season 10 still. I’m gonna say Season 12. Kind of like the Battlestar Galactica series with weirdly numbered seasons and .5 seasons. Aah! Who cares. This is Season 12 of the Jack Noodle Journal.

So yeah… Anyway… What happens in Season 12? Do we pick up where the Season 11 season finale cliff hanger left off? Oh wait there was no end of season cliff hanger. I blame stupid Facebook for my weak blogging muscles. Facebook enables you to get a quick dose of internet sharing done with out all that pesky typing and thinking. I’m really annoyed with Facebook and yet I can’t stop logging in and checking out what’s happening on my news feed! I’m trying to cut back.

We are all still doing great here at the Noodle Compound. Yay! A year gone and we still can report good times. The boys are growing super fast. G Noodle finishes preschool in a couple of days. Johnny is a crazy 2 year old. He talks all day long. We kind of understand what he’s saying. K is finishing up her work school year in a couple of days. Oh yeah, I’m a 40 year old now. I underwent that transformation back in December during the blog hiatus… 40 has been alright. I have been handling it fine. Taking stock, making some changes. Starting to get some schemes and plans going.

Hey is my U key on this laptop not working? uu uu uuuuuu Ugh! I need a new computer. No I really do. I’m serious.

OK so I’m going to make an effort to be a better blogger and get to some good journaling like I did back in the day. Read or don’t read. Whatever you do is fine with me. It’s more about the writing than the reading anyways.

I have to run now and take Johnny to G’s preschool where we are going to watch the principal kiss a pig. Yes. Kiss a pig.

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Postcards from the Noodle compound

Monday 11 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hey yo! Hey yo!

How’s it going home brews? Pretty alright here.

I’m on vacation now for a week and two days. Pretty cool. I am ready for a vacation.

I’m pretty sleepy. I need to catch up on my sleep somehow.

Maybe I should go to sleep now instead of watching TV.

Yeah I don’t know about that. We’ve got part one of two of the season 2 finale of The Killing to watch.

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here they come

Sunday 10 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hey my family came back to me! Good thing! This lone wolf would have gone crazy if left alone another night. Awe yeah. Things are back to normal now.

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Lone Wolf!!

Saturday 9 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Yep pretty fun day had by me. Went and hungout downtown. Went to Powell’s. Got some poetry books. Went to the movie theater and saw Avengers. Went and hung out with chady and Sarah.     

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Home Alone! 2012 Edition

Friday 8 June 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

The family done and gone left me. Went up to Sheltonia for the weekend. Left papa here to work the digit farm.

It’s actually ok. I love everybody dearly but it’s going be a nice relaxing weekend for this dude. I’m going to catch up on some movie viewing. I’m going to enjoy some screenings of works a little more challenging than Toy Story 3. The movie “Drive” is first up on the list. I will proceed from there.

I go a little nutty without K and the boys around. Hey, ok. I’ll admit it I am a bit of a weirdo on my own. I think I’ll be fine this weekend.

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