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2016-08-14 :: Noodle // Uncategorized
Who’s the what?

Driving back from a lovely visit with family in Sumpter Oregon. I have been working to update this here website for about a week or so. Well actually I haven’t been doing much except for telling other people to do stuff. They switched everything to an updated server and everything has been modernized. This here […]

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2015-01-15 :: Noodle // Uncategorized
Hmmm how about this one

Testing testing

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Yo! Yo! Hey I’m back! It has been exactly a year since I have posted in this lovely journal. Yep. I took a year off. The Noodle diaries have been on hiatus. I’m not sure why. Blogging is hard. When we last left off I was trying to write a blog entry every day for […]

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Hey yo! Hey yo! How’s it going home brews? Pretty alright here. I’m on vacation now for a week and two days. Pretty cool. I am ready for a vacation. I’m pretty sleepy. I need to catch up on my sleep somehow. Maybe I should go to sleep now instead of watching TV. Yeah I […]

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2012-06-10 :: Noodle // Uncategorized
here they come

Hey my family came back to me! Good thing! This lone wolf would have gone crazy if left alone another night. Awe yeah. Things are back to normal now.

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2012-06-09 :: Noodle // Uncategorized
Lone Wolf!!

Yep pretty fun day had by me. Went and hungout downtown. Went to Powell’s. Got some poetry books. Went to the movie theater and saw Avengers. Went and hung out with chady and Sarah.     

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2012-06-08 :: Noodle // Uncategorized
Home Alone! 2012 Edition

The family done and gone left me. Went up to Sheltonia for the weekend. Left papa here to work the digit farm. It’s actually ok. I love everybody dearly but it’s going be a nice relaxing weekend for this dude. I’m going to catch up on some movie viewing. I’m going to enjoy some screenings […]

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2012-06-07 :: Noodle // Uncategorized

Ugh. I’ve got a canker sore now! Is that how you spell it? Oh me oh my. Are cankers related to the herpes virus? Maybe a certain kind of canker right? My canker isn’t a herpe. I could feel it growing today as I ate my salty top ramen and drank my ice cold coke. […]

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2012-06-06 :: Noodle // Uncategorized
Yo Beavercreek what up.

The boys and I hung out in Beavercreek today. It was pretty fun. Got to see grandpa Gerald and Grandma Valarie. The ole homestead. A lot more sun out there now with all the trees cut down. More sun than when I was a kid. I may have toasted my skull a bit. Oh I […]

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2012-06-05 :: Noodle // Uncategorized
Golfing with Jon Jon

Johnny and I are playing golf by rolling golf balls across the floor. G Noodle and K are out on an evening jog. Yeah jogging. I should really start jogging. I’m sure I would be a much more pleasant person if I did any kind of exercise. I bet I would be less annoyed all […]

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