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Hey there! I have I screamed out SPRING BREAK 2012 yet? Well there you go. Here you go: SPRING BREAK 2012!! Hooray for K and the other teachers of the world that get a spring break. Oh okay, hooray for you students too I guess. Whatever. Well yes I am taking a spring break vacation […]

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2012-02-21 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE + Littler Noodle + poetry + TV + writing
percolation station

The boy MUST stop talking about the TV. No more talk about the TV dude. Can I watch a show? Can I watch a show? Can I watch another show? Can I watch a movie? No! Stop talking about the TV really. Please. No. Stop talking. I say “be quiet” a lot. Is that bad? […]

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2010-03-12 :: Noodle // movies + music + TV
come on dude. where’s the writing?

ugh… URG… argh. I know I know. I need to write more! I feel so accomplished on the days I post in this here journal. I must get to a write everyday routine. I want to start writing journal, dear-diary-like posts again. Record more of the Noodle goings on from day to day instead of […]

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I have been keeping myself fairly entertained over the last couple of weeks. That’s what we are supposed to be doing right? Keeping ourselves in a constant state of entertainment? As stupid, fat, lazy, Americans I would say staying entertained is pretty easy to do. Staying entertained with material of a quality worth blogging about […]

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2010-01-28 :: Noodle // music + Noodle CLC + TV

Heeelooo there. Yeah I guess it would be the doldrums. Maybe that’s it. It has been sunny a couple of times here this week and that’s good. It hasn’t seemed very cold yet this season either has it? Oh man, why did I just jinx it? In an interesting juxtaposition yesterday (well, maybe for the […]

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You know the song right? Don Henley. I guess the line is “after” the boys of summer have gone. I always get that line “I saw a deadhead sticker on a cadillac” stuck in my head towards the end of summer. “Little voice inside my head said don’t look back you can never look back”. […]

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2009-08-08 :: Noodle // artworks + baby + G NOODLE + movies + music + telecommuting + TV
blog notes 40

So as you know, during the day when I come across a link that I think I would like to blog about, I email it to myself and title it blog notes (oh yeah, described here). Well, the blog notes 40 email consists of 33 email responses to myself. I thought I would empty out […]

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2009-05-14 :: Noodle // TV
Now what will we watch?

Hey there. Yes, well we did it. We headed over to Radio Shack last night and purchased our digital converter box for the television. Now when the analog blackout comes next month we will be safe. You know, not being able to see broadcast television leaves you open to terrorist attacks and the swine flu. […]

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2009-02-25 :: Noodle // movies + music + TV
Everything Part 9

Oh man, that sunlight coming through the windows now is so refreshing! The gray of the last several days is killing me I tells you! I have been listening to the new U2 album, “No Line on the Horizon” quite a bit lately. It’s not out yet, but you can listen to it on their […]

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2008-11-17 :: Noodle // artworks + Brown League + Mondays + movies + TV
blog notes 39

I’m pretty excited to see David Fincher’s movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button“. Watch the trailer. It looks like a strange one doesn’t it? Say whatever you want, I still think Brad Pitt is dreamy. I must have been a tad emotional last week. The second time I watched that Benjamin Button trailer, I […]

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