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Yo! Yo! Hey I’m back! It has been exactly a year since I have posted in this lovely journal. Yep. I took a year off. The Noodle diaries have been on hiatus. I’m not sure why. Blogging is hard. When we last left off I was trying to write a blog entry every day for […]

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Here we are again! Just the dudes hanging out on a Monday morning. Mommy has gone back to work again and it’s just baby, papa, Philip, Pierre and Abby. I think I’m going to take a photo of the two of us each year on the start of the school year from now on. Maybe […]

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You know the song right? Don Henley. I guess the line is “after” the boys of summer have gone. I always get that line “I saw a deadhead sticker on a cadillac” stuck in my head towards the end of summer. “Little voice inside my head said don’t look back you can never look back”. […]

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2009-08-08 :: Noodle // artworks + baby + G NOODLE + movies + music + telecommuting + TV
blog notes 40

So as you know, during the day when I come across a link that I think I would like to blog about, I email it to myself and title it blog notes (oh yeah, described here). Well, the blog notes 40 email consists of 33 email responses to myself. I thought I would empty out […]

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2009-07-09 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE + music + telecommuting
Son on a Beach!

Oh my gosh. Another gray sky this morning? The Summer is cruising right along isn’t it? How has your summer been going? Ours has been pretty fun so far here at the Noodle compound. I realized the other day that it has been like March since I have posted any new photos to my Flickr […]

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Yeah, what a pooper of a week. I don’t know. We had a pretty awesome time over on the coast for a mini vacation last week. Maybe I will try to keep that memory fresh in my head. There’s pictures. Now this week dumps it’s load. There’s something in the air isn’t there? Maybe it’s […]

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2009-01-22 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE + telecommuting
on telecommuting

I thought I would continue with what is becoming over the last few posts, my series of papers on the state of the Noodle union. I have been telecommuting half time ever since K went back to school in September. Wait a second. Is that right? It seems like it has been longer than that. […]

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Hello, hello. Wow that mountain of snow totally vanished with one good warm day didn’t it? It’s raining right now. The snow adventure was fine for awhile but I’m glad it’s gone now. We went a little stir-crazy but it wasn’t too bad. The snow plows kept the street in front of the house fairly […]

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2008-11-24 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE + Mondays + telecommuting
Return to Sheltonville

Good Monday morning to you! Almost noon here at the Noodle compound. Please bear with my disjointed typing style today. I am typing with one hand again as G Noodle is sleeping on my other arm, weighting it down, keeping it from the keyboard. We had a fun weekend! We loaded up the car and […]

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2008-09-30 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE + Mondays + telecommuting
ye ole weekend wrap up

I started writing this post yesterday (monday) and then got sidetracked from the typing. Maybe I can finish up my report on the last weekend before the next one comes. Here: oh man. Show me the coffee. I had a pretty full weekend. It was a fun weekend overall. Now that it’s Monday I can […]

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