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Happy anniversary to my lovely beautiful lady! We have been married for ten whole years as of today! Nothing but love and roses. 10 years and no fights. Never a sour word. Only hugs and kisses. We went to our friends Matt and Beth’s ten year anniversary party like five years ago and being married […]

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2007-03-14 :: Noodle // back 2 school + Radish
downed website

My Zo-Ko website had been down. I’m not sure how long it was down. It’s back up now. It was blocked by the web host due to nonpayment. I hadn’t been interested in paying the bill. I’m all paid up now. I don’t think I have done anything with that site since my portfolio day, […]

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Good late morning to you folks! I can’t believe it but we actually have some sunshine this afternoon. It’s pretty chilly outside right now though so don’t let the Sun fool you. I sure do like the version of the Sun that the people in Arizona and California get. Have I mentioned that yet? Our […]

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Good morning! Holy crap! That was the biggest gap of non-journal writing days that we have seen here this year. The Europe trip had a bigger gap but actually I have all those days typed up. I just haven’t posted them here yet. I am going to declare that I will write a journal entry […]

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2004-12-10 :: Noodle // back 2 school
Giant thorn in my side

How do you do? It’s Friday folks. The weekend is upon us! Run for your lives! Geeze. You know last night it was fairly mild temperature wise. I was waiting for the bus and wasn’t that cold at all really. There we some rain drops but they weren’t noticeable. I was outside this morning already […]

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Yo! Yo to YOU! How’s that? I was trying to think of an original to the journal greeting. Was that better than good afternoon? I am taking a break now from writing one of my final papers. We are doing a group paper for my usability strategies class. I have a section of four pages […]

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Good morning again my friends. How have you been doing? I have been doing alright. I have been having coughing fits the last 2 nights. What’s that about? I’m not sure if I am sick or not. I haven’t been coughing during the day much. Oh who knows. We have rain and cold outside right […]

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Good morning to you all on this lovely, cold Friday. How are you all doing? I am doing okay this morning. I am up and I am awake. The coffee is warm and tasty today. I have been feeling like a cold is trying to get me for the last couple of weeks. I kind […]

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2004-11-30 :: Noodle // back 2 school
Plans for Cali and Arizona

Hey there! Yes. Every single day of 2004 I will be writing in this here journal. Woo Hoo! Hey, I really started off well. I think that the next time I try to write a journal entry every single day of the year, I will focus my efforts on the last 6 months since that […]

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2004-11-25 :: Noodle // back 2 school
Thanksgiving 2004

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Yep, turkey day. I went and had a nice meal at my dad’s house. Things are just great out there in Beavercreek. I don’t have too much to report today. We finished watching the Sopranos season 4 last night. It was very good. The acting on the last episode was super. […]

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