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2013-06-21 :: Noodle // internet + poetry + writing
longest day of the year

Hmmm. The cybernet tells me that summer solstice is usually on June 21st but this year the longest day of the year started on June 20th. Who knows. They all seem to be making this stuff up as they go don’t they? Ask poor Pluto. I titled this post longest day of the year because […]

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2012-04-13 :: Noodle // G NOODLE + poetry + writing
Toots McGillacutty

Hey there. On the bus again. Hooray! Today is Friday! Not like that fake Friday yesterday. The bus is kind of crowded this morning. I thought I was going to be late because I spent so much time looking for bus ticket change in pockets and purses at the house. I scraped together enough money […]

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Hey there! I have I screamed out SPRING BREAK 2012 yet? Well there you go. Here you go: SPRING BREAK 2012!! Hooray for K and the other teachers of the world that get a spring break. Oh okay, hooray for you students too I guess. Whatever. Well yes I am taking a spring break vacation […]

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Guten morgen! Yep. Snow on the ground this morning at the Noodle Compound. Mostly slush on the way to work. No sign of snow by the time we got to MLK. Yeah, we aren’t that far from the river here in Stumptown so It has to be a real snow for us to get substantial […]

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“It looks like winter just doesn’t want to give up” He said as he stuffed his mouth full of caesar salad. I am way sleepy. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I think it must be something to do with concentration. I wasn’t concentrating hard enough on falling asleep. Well wouldn’t concentrating keep me […]

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2012-03-17 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE + poetry
Green Is All I See

Oh my gosh! Look at that beautiful lady. That was the photo for the post for March 17th, 2008. Awe shucks. I love that photo. We were just kids then! WOW week 37… I remember it like it was yesterday… oh man. Those were some sweet and tender times. Hello there. What up? Happy Saint […]

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Little Jon Jon kept us awake again last night. He just wouldn’t go to sleep. He was squirming around. Occasionally crying. He wasn’t really fussy. Just not sleeping. Our working theory is that he is teething. Oh and G man was still feeling sick and coughy. He woke up a couple of times in the […]

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I just put way too much lotion on. I am all slick and slimy now. My chrome dome was dry and flakey. I lotioned up my hands neck and skull. Now the razor burn on my neck is stinging. Ouch. What a mess. Yes. Yes. Where was I? So hooray for spring and of course […]

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2012-02-25 :: Noodle // G NOODLE + poetry + writing

We gave the cat some catnip today. He loved it. He went freaking nuts. Catnip is magic. I wish someone would dump the human equivalent of catnip all over me and let me roll around in it. Oh yeah. The human equivalent of catnip is some sort or drug or other right? Rolling around in […]

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2012-02-21 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE + Littler Noodle + poetry + TV + writing
percolation station

The boy MUST stop talking about the TV. No more talk about the TV dude. Can I watch a show? Can I watch a show? Can I watch another show? Can I watch a movie? No! Stop talking about the TV really. Please. No. Stop talking. I say “be quiet” a lot. Is that bad? […]

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