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So I got the WordPress app for my phone so I could upload blog post from my phone. Yes I know I’ve done that on my other phone.. It’s not this phone though. Does anyone blog anymore? How do I post a photo from this app?   Oh well that was easy. Well I guess […]

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2013-06-21 :: Noodle // internet + poetry + writing
longest day of the year

Hmmm. The cybernet tells me that summer solstice is usually on June 21st but this year the longest day of the year started on June 20th. Who knows. They all seem to be making this stuff up as they go don’t they? Ask poor Pluto. I titled this post longest day of the year because […]

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2012-01-09 :: Noodle // internet + Mondays

A couple of days after this last Christmas, a friend, a guy I went to grade school with, had a heart attack and died. Just like that. I say friend. Sure, he was a friend I guess. More like a guy I knew that went to school with a long time ago. I didn’t really […]

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