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2009-02-10 :: Noodle // artworks + Brown League + Radish
All aboard!

I have been feeling pretty good the last few days. I think I managed to shake off the funk and pull myself up from the doldrums. While I was harshing your buzz here last Thursday, friend Alicia (might as well be sister) was writing the same exact post on her blog. Her solution to fight […]

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The sad day is almost here my friends! My paternity leave has now wound down to an end. I have to go back to the office tomorrow! Ah man! Work stinks! I wish I could stay on paternity leave forever. Unfortunately I have to work now more than ever. There’s another wonderful mouth to feed. […]

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2008-03-21 :: Noodle // artworks + Radish
steampunk and the thousand

Gosh, so much to read coming in from the feeds on this Good Friday morning. I should skip work and just read blogs today. Obama is in town this morning. I won’t be seeing him this time. I can hear security helicopters flying over the Coliseum as I type this. So yesterday my coworker was […]

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2007-12-28 :: Noodle // artworks + baby + Radish
Daydreams of Art Making

Hey, how’s about that awful snow storm yesterday? Yeah right. I think I saw three snowflakes. Those weather persons shouldn’t get our hopes up like that. As the end of the year approaches I have begun to reflect, think of goals, resolutions and strategies for next year. I love planning for a new year. I’m […]

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2007-09-14 :: Noodle // Mondays + Radish
Job Post Navel Gazing

This week there was an interesting thread on one of the forums I am part of with some school chums. It was started with someone presenting for review a job description that they had written for a position for their company. This got me thinking. Much to the non-interest of the other forum members I […]

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2007-06-18 :: Noodle // Brown League + Mondays + Radish
Everything Part 5

YO! Happy Monday to you. Don’t email me at the office today because I am not there. Yep. I got the powers that be to agree to allow me to work the four 10s I had requested. I’ll be working at the office now Tuesday through Friday. I’m pretty stoked. I worked four 10s coloring […]

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2007-05-21 :: Noodle // movies + Radish
standing on a beach

Happy Monday to you my friends! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty cool. We were over at the coast all weekend. Stayed at the beach house. There was actually sun shining on the beach Saturday. It was a gorgeous day. Mist on Friday night and rain on Sunday. The Marcy family joined K, the […]

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2007-03-23 :: Noodle // Radish
gorgeous morning

Hey there happy Friday friends! Let me tell you: It is a beautiful spring morning out there right now. Man! It’s invigorating! So sorry I have to be in my dark cube today. oh well. 8 hours and 58 minutes. I can make it. What sort of plans do you have for the weekend? Not […]

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2007-03-21 :: Noodle // Radish
has it sprung?

Spring is here now, right? Woo hoo! Ding dong winter’s dead! It was a tad chilly this morning, but no matter. The calendar never lies. Winter is gone. No more talk of it again until the end of the year. I am glad winter is dead. I’m ready for spring. I shot some more video […]

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2007-03-14 :: Noodle // back 2 school + Radish
downed website

My Zo-Ko website had been down. I’m not sure how long it was down. It’s back up now. It was blocked by the web host due to nonpayment. I hadn’t been interested in paying the bill. I’m all paid up now. I don’t think I have done anything with that site since my portfolio day, […]

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