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2012-03-17 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE + poetry
Green Is All I See

Oh my gosh! Look at that beautiful lady. That was the photo for the post for March 17th, 2008. Awe shucks. I love that photo. We were just kids then! WOW week 37… I remember it like it was yesterday… oh man. Those were some sweet and tender times. Hello there. What up? Happy Saint […]

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Little Jon Jon kept us awake again last night. He just wouldn’t go to sleep. He was squirming around. Occasionally crying. He wasn’t really fussy. Just not sleeping. Our working theory is that he is teething. Oh and G man was still feeling sick and coughy. He woke up a couple of times in the […]

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2012-02-21 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE + Littler Noodle + poetry + TV + writing
percolation station

The boy MUST stop talking about the TV. No more talk about the TV dude. Can I watch a show? Can I watch a show? Can I watch another show? Can I watch a movie? No! Stop talking about the TV really. Please. No. Stop talking. I say “be quiet” a lot. Is that bad? […]

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Happy Valentine’s day everybody! But really, now forever more important to me than Valentine’s, it’s Johnny’s birthday! A year ago we were just beginning to get to know that little guy. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. Time flies. Is that what they say? I think that baby number two grows faster than […]

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2012-01-31 :: Noodle // baby + Littler Noodle
scribble scribble

Well there you have it! Just like that. The last day of January is upon us. Run for your lives! Was it a mild January? It didn’t really seem to be winter like. It wasn’t very cold really. I should watch what I say though. Now we’ll have the great storm of 2012 and be […]

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2012-01-15 :: Noodle // baby + Littler Noodle
Snowshine On My Shoulder

We saw some snow falling out of the sky this morning. Yep. Nothing is sticking though. It was the first time Johnny saw snow falling. Not sure if this counts though as his official first snow. It was barely coming down. A snow trickle. It didn’t stick. I mentioned that part right? We haven’t been […]

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I should write a poem about it. Oh boy oh boy. Johnny just would not go to sleep last night. He was whining and crying and moving around. Poor guy. Not sure what his deal was. Having a baby that won’t go asleep during the 2 A.M. to 4:30 A.M. makes for some crazy parents […]

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2012-01-03 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE
let the humdrum commence

Well that’s it for the holidays. K went back to work this morning and Poppie got in his 4runner and started his drive back to Arizona. Holidays are officially over! I am watching the kids today while mommy is at work. We have been switching working and boy watching duties back and forth between us. […]

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2012-01-02 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE + Mondays
Warm Winter

At home with the G man. Watching Scooby-Doo. K is out grocery shopping with Poppie. Johnny is taking a nap. It’s sprinkling outside. A light rain. Not very cold out. Has it been exceptionally warm this winter? Maybe exceptional is to big of a word for it. It seems like it’s been warmer. Last year […]

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2011-05-17 :: Noodle // baby + G NOODLE
Mommy has gone back to work!

K has gone back to work and left us boys all by ourselves! Yep. Her maternity leave is over. Poppa has to watch the little noodles all on his own now while mommy works. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little frightened! These two are going to eat me alive! […]

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