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2014-12-05 :: Noodle // music
Noodle 2014 Music Picks

2014 is winding to a close and I was reminded by a friend that a top albums, end of year list is due. Hmmm… Yeah there was some good stuff this year. I took a glance at Rolling Stone’s picks for 2014 and once again was surprised by all the albums I missed or bands […]

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2012-05-18 :: Noodle // music
Make Way the Ear Tickler

Happy Friday to you! I made a list of everything I listened to at work today. I thought it was going to be a longer list actually. I had my headphones off for part of the day. I did do quite a bit of work. Anyway whatever. Here’s my lame list: Andrew Bird “Break It […]

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“It looks like winter just doesn’t want to give up” He said as he stuffed his mouth full of caesar salad. I am way sleepy. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I think it must be something to do with concentration. I wasn’t concentrating hard enough on falling asleep. Well wouldn’t concentrating keep me […]

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2012-02-03 :: Noodle // music

I started sketching notes down in my brain today while on the bus about a poem I’m going to write called “waiting”. It’s about waiting. Well actually it’s about not waiting. It’s a “what are you waiting for?” poem. The act of waiting isn’t very exciting is it? I should get those notes out of […]

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hey there hey there. It’s getting colder out there! There’s “probably won’t happen” talk about snow coming our way! Probably won’t happen is a start. This winter season I am hoping for just one day of heavy snow. That would be nice. One day. Then spring. The bus and MAX were each about 5 minutes […]

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2010-12-20 :: Noodle // Mondays + music
Noodle 2010 Music Picks

It’s that time of year again kids! I have been compiling my end of year music playlist. If you need a reminder of last year’s picks you can read that post here. 1. “The High Road” by Broken Bells from the album “Broken Bells” 2. “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Trent Reznor […]

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2010-08-26 :: Noodle // music
An observation

A couple years ago after a few drinks I would go on and on about the greatness of Nine Inch Nails until the person I was talking to found a way to sneak quickly away. In 2010 my intoxicated musical evangelizing has been for the new Eminem album “Recovery”. What is the significance of this? […]

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2010-03-12 :: Noodle // movies + music + TV
come on dude. where’s the writing?

ugh… URG… argh. I know I know. I need to write more! I feel so accomplished on the days I post in this here journal. I must get to a write everyday routine. I want to start writing journal, dear-diary-like posts again. Record more of the Noodle goings on from day to day instead of […]

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I have been keeping myself fairly entertained over the last couple of weeks. That’s what we are supposed to be doing right? Keeping ourselves in a constant state of entertainment? As stupid, fat, lazy, Americans I would say staying entertained is pretty easy to do. Staying entertained with material of a quality worth blogging about […]

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2010-01-28 :: Noodle // music + Noodle CLC + TV

Heeelooo there. Yeah I guess it would be the doldrums. Maybe that’s it. It has been sunny a couple of times here this week and that’s good. It hasn’t seemed very cold yet this season either has it? Oh man, why did I just jinx it? In an interesting juxtaposition yesterday (well, maybe for the […]

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