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“It looks like winter just doesn’t want to give up” He said as he stuffed his mouth full of caesar salad. I am way sleepy. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I think it must be something to do with concentration. I wasn’t concentrating hard enough on falling asleep. Well wouldn’t concentrating keep me […]

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I do still love the poetry. A couple of my resolutions for this year involve poetry. Read more poetry and write more of my own poetry. Also of course there is always the wish of getting published in journals and websites as often as possible. I have been on a poetry break over the holidays. […]

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2010-01-21 :: Noodle // artworks + Noodle CLC
high pass filter mug shots

I do like to spend a bit of time changing up my profile picture every once and a while. It’s kind of what it would be like in the olden days to draw or paint ones self portrait me thinks. I just love staring at photos of myself you know. I like to do weird […]

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2009-12-19 :: Noodle // artworks + movies

I saw an awesome movie the other day. “Beautiful Losers” I laughed. I cried. I got angry. I yearned. It was so good. You should all watch “Beautiful Losers” today. I have got to do something. I am rotting.

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I’ve been crafting a list in my head. A list in one’s head isn’t very useful so I thought I would type it out here. – I really enjoy drawing. I don’t seem to ever do it anymore. I should really start drawing again. I keep saying this. I think it’s good to keep saying […]

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2009-08-08 :: Noodle // artworks + baby + G NOODLE + movies + music + telecommuting + TV
blog notes 40

So as you know, during the day when I come across a link that I think I would like to blog about, I email it to myself and title it blog notes (oh yeah, described here). Well, the blog notes 40 email consists of 33 email responses to myself. I thought I would empty out […]

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2009-07-27 :: Noodle // artworks + baby + G NOODLE + Mondays
That 70’s Effect

Our friend Kathy took this awesome photo (above) of G Noodle at the water park the other day. She did some magic tweaking and manipulating to the photo and got a really nice look that kind of resembled a photograph taken in the 70’s. You know the look right? That Calvin Klein, American Apparel, vintage […]

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Hello! Yes, one of these days I will start posting more blog entries I swear. I had typed this one out last week, but didn’t get around to posting it. It’s kind of a bummer post. It’s good to include in the journal though as I am still pondering it’s topics. Plus it’s a lot […]

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2009-02-10 :: Noodle // artworks + Brown League + Radish
All aboard!

I have been feeling pretty good the last few days. I think I managed to shake off the funk and pull myself up from the doldrums. While I was harshing your buzz here last Thursday, friend Alicia (might as well be sister) was writing the same exact post on her blog. Her solution to fight […]

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Yeah, not too much to report today. Just hanging out listening to Ween with the Little Noodle. It’s a gray Monday morning. I need to get back to my fighting weight of being able to talk about nothing that I was once at. What? We saw the documentary “My Kid Could Paint That” yesterday. It […]

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