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at last, Friday

Friday 30 November 2007 - Filed under Uncategorized

Oh yes.

It is finally Friday. I thought today would never come!
Actually not. It was an indifferent week. A pretty unremarkable work week.

I have been listening to the audiobook version of Philip Pullman’s young adult novel, “The Golden Compass“. I’ll probably finish listening to it today. It’s a pretty awesome book. Young Master Evan let me borrow the book last year but I didn’t get past the second chapter. I think I needed someone to read it to me like this audiobook is doing. Now when I finish this book I’ll be ready for the movie version of the Golden Compass next week.

A great place to listen to audiobooks for me is at work. I should really listen to more. I can put the headphones on, do my work and pretty much get quite a ways through a book during the day. I think I have contemplated the audiobook format here in the journal already. It’s kind of strange isn’t it? I like that you get to form your ideas of what the characters look like in your imagination. You’re kind of reading, but not really. I think I would probably retain more actually reading. I’m sure someone has done a study.

What do you guys and gals have on the hopper for the weekend?
We’ve got a few things going.

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