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Thursday 6 December 2007 - Filed under Uncategorized

I got 2 emails from friends out of state this week asking me how we were holding up after the storm. I was kind of befuddled. Storm? Then yesterday I heard NPR talking about the Pacific Northwest’s great storm.

I guess there was a big storm over the last weekend. Lots of flooding.
I’m not trying to be coy or a smart ass, I actually really didn’t know that the Great Storm of 2007 was as bad as it was.

I still don’t know. I’m going to get up to date, log on and read up on it today.

I haven’t caught any local news in the last 5 or 6 days.
Of course I noticed that it was really windy and rainy. I just didn’t notice HOW windy and rainy.
I’ve been in doors quite a bit.

Last Saturday K and I slept all day. A human growing inside her was her reason for sleeping all day. My excuse is that I am lazy.

We actually had a pretty active Sunday to make up for the Saturday.

I have been in my own little world as of late.
It’s nice in a weird and kind of scary way that a certain level of naivety is still possible in our wired up universe.

I’m very sorry for any of you that have suffered during the storm. That sucks.

2007-12-06  »  Noodle

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