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an action packed Thursday

Friday 7 December 2007 - Filed under artworks

No, not really.

We went and looked at some First Thursday products. Can you believe it? I’ve actually been to First Thursday now twice this year. I am turning into quite the debutante.

I had a better First Thursday experience this time than last. Last time I was lamenting the fact that I couldn’t find anything. I discovered that I needed to go down a block further than last time. We figured next time we should start down lower on Everett and work our way up.

I saw some pretty good stuff and some just alright stuff. There was quite a lot of illustration looking pieces at the places we hit. We saw some painters but I think I was more impressed with the illustrators. There was a couple of video installations that were kind of cool to see.

What brought us out for the evening was a hanging at the Blackfish by Alicia’s friend, ex-coworker, acquaintance, Sue Tower. Very clean, meticulously crafted work.

There were quite few people out looking at the art. We finally got over to the Compound gallery to feel the vibe and check out the art by the girls that I heard last month were must sees. Sweet stuff.

I was very excited to see Carson Ellis’s work at Motel. I love her stuff. K and I were thinking that a Ellis piece would be awesome hanging in a baby room. Hmmmm…

It was a pretty successful night of gallery viewing. First Thursday satisfaction for me comes during the drive home when I find myself agitated that I’m not making art.

2007-12-07  »  Noodle

Talkback x 2

  1. Mr. Snethen
    8 December 2007 @ 12:56 am

    I told you I met Carson Ellis’ boyfriend last month, didn’t I?

  2. Noodle
    8 December 2007 @ 7:48 am

    yep. Did he look like an old time sea captain?

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