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steampunk and the thousand

Friday 21 March 2008 - Filed under artworks + Radish

Gosh, so much to read coming in from the feeds on this Good Friday morning. I should skip work and just read blogs today.

Obama is in town this morning. I won’t be seeing him this time. I can hear security helicopters flying over the Coliseum as I type this.

So yesterday my coworker was talking about and looking at photos on the internet of a steampunk laptop. Pretty amazing.

I headed over to his cube and asked,
“Did you say steampunk? As in the genre of sci-fi writing and comics?”

He of course said he did and that was that.

I’ll admit I am just a tad stymied. I totally love the steampunk genre and aesthetic! Wasn’t I just talking in this here journal about wanting to do something one day artistically or story-wise in the steampunk style?

Lets take a look.

Ah ha! On February 12, 2003 I was talking about steam punk (space between words there) and how I was really into Haruhiko Shono’s work on Gadget.

On September 16th, 2002 I was talking about wanting to do some sort of future primitive, steam punk looking stuff.

Oh and it looks like I bought a Steampunk comic book on March 7th, 2002.

Alright, so I wasn’t just recently talking about steampunk here in the journal. It’s been some years. I think the last time I thought about the style was when I watched the anime movie “SteamBoy“.

So where am I going with this?

I am just amazed at the amount of information that there is now on the internet about the steampunk genre. Back when I was looking into it on February 12th, 2003, there didn’t seem to be much information when I did my internet searchings. Now 5 years later there’s all kinds of stuff. Furniture, rock bands, books, movies, fashion. I’m going to totally dig into the wikipedia entry when I get a spare moment and find more avenues to explore.

I want to be a steampunk.

I wonder if other searches that I haven’t done in a while would yield new fruit? Maybe I should look up cyber paganism, or Heaven’s Gate?

In other news…

I read this interesting piece on having success by cultivating a thousand true fans. I think I got down to the essay following a trail of links while reading reviews of NIN’s “Ghosts”. The having a thousand true fans is a “well duh”, common sense idea that was good to read about in such detail. I hadn’t had that thought as tightly focused for me before.

You get a fan base of people that love your work and buy everything you create, go to every show you perform, and go to every book signing you have. The key to this is that you don’t shoot for a World wide recognition, just a thousand people.

Someone like Trent Reznor who has several thousand true fans has got it made. This isn’t really about that level though.

I’m not sure how many people tune in to read the Noodle Journal, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near a thousand. Trying to capture the hearts and minds of a thousand true fans is a great goal to set though. I’m going to attempt to get a hundred true fans first.

Are YOU a true Noodle fan?

Oh yeah. I’m not offering up any product for my true fans to consume am I? I’ll work on creating something worthy of fandom.

I have been meaning to read Chris Anderson’s book “The Long Tail” for a couple of years now but haven’t. I was looking at getting the audio book of it from iTunes yesterday but it was too expensive. The thousand true fans thing references it.

In other, other news…

Today is K’s last day of work! Woo Hoo!

Spring break 2008 begins!

2008-03-21  »  Noodle

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