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Now Where Were We With The Scheming?

Monday 12 May 2008 - Filed under artworks + baby + G NOODLE + Mondays + Radish

The sad day is almost here my friends! My paternity leave has now wound down to an end.

I have to go back to the office tomorrow!
Ah man! Work stinks! I wish I could stay on paternity leave forever. Unfortunately I have to work now more than ever. There’s another wonderful mouth to feed. It would be great if I could just retire.

I can’t complain though. My workplace was very cool with how much time they gave me off. I can’t imagine bringing a newborn home without anything less than a month off. How do those parents do it?

Thinking about working again has got me contemplating different schemes and strategies. Not so much just with the office but with the whole bacon bringing home dance. What the heck can I do to bring home buckets of cash without spending more time away from my family?

We haven’t felt any money crunching yet, but I am very interested in remaining as comfortable as we are now.

Being an artsy fellow, the only way I could image for it to be possible to bring home some extra money would be through some sort of creative art type venture or project. What would that be?

Perhaps I could get some extra graphic freelance work or something? Take some projects on the side?

I need to go back through the journal and refresh my before baby memory. What sort of stuff was I sticking my nose into before the arrival of G Noodle? I need to reread the old schemes.

It seems to me I was all about digital video more than a year ago. I’m not as interested in that now.
I’m really more into digital still photography now. That’s right, I was going to buy a new camera!

I think earlier this year I wanted to start to really get back into illustrating. DRAW! DRAW! DRAW! Get to the doodles Noodles!
I remember wanting Corel Painter X.

I haven’t been doing any web work since 2005. I think my web muscles have atrophied. I’m not even that interested in web stuff anymore. A few months ago though I did get a bit of a bug to try to get back into Flash. I thought it might be fun to design a Flash website or two. One of these days I’m going to get serious about REALLY learning Flash.

I like to write. Perhaps I should get a story typed out? I had wanted to dig back through my papers and read the notes I had jotted down for my “Holy” television series. With all of the interest stirred up from the news about the polygamist compound in Texas, the Holy screenplay would have been a hit.

I really enjoy surfing the internet and posting blog entries. If only there was a way to make extra money doing that!

We’ll get something going. I’m going to go back and read some old posts now.
Being back at work will be good because I’ll have plenty of time to sit, think, daydream and get something brewing.

2008-05-12  »  Noodle

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