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Thursday 15 May 2008 - Filed under artworks + movies

There has been a few rumblings on the nets and in other venues about the steampunk genre over the last few weeks. Is this something that’s going to take off pretty soon? Is there some buzz building? I tend to agree with McCracken that if we’re talking about it now then the truly cool kids and early adopters have already moved on to something else.

I can’t claim anything on it myself except for an early interest. I have been keeping my eyes peeled and paying attention. Really I’m looking for a new freak flag to fly when I start dressing like these dudes.

The Portland art kids should really jump up to the plate and have a steampunk influenced gallery show or two. The Japanese, cutesy, comic stuff is done now, really people, enough. I say no more graffiti inspired shows from now on either while we’re at it.

I think that BoingBoing is really on top of this steampunk thing and could probably take the role of official torch bearer. I’ve been going there to find all of my info.

I read the piece in the New York Times yesterday. I’m planning on reading this giant article in the Boston Phoenix when I get a spare moment.

I’ve also investigated this “Edge of Twilight” video game that’s going to be coming out. It looks gorgeous.

I haven’t seen the Iron Man movie yet but I’m hearing that it had some steampunk overtones?

I’m also predicting we’ll be hearing more about the steampunk aesthetic once “Hellboy 2” drops.

(PLEASE NOTE: I am well aware that this steampunk stuff isn’t brand new and has been around for several years. It just seems like new chatter has been increasing recently.)

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