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take your baby to work day

Monday 19 May 2008 - Filed under baby + G NOODLE + Mondays

gilby visiting his dad at work

The Little Noodle came in to visit his old man at the office last Thursday. Here we jumped onto a live set out in the studio and got our photo snapped. G Noodle wasn’t impressed yet. The blue patch to the right of us is computer generated cover up of the top secret product of who’s shot we were invading.

Yes, yes. Going back to work after my time off, totally sucks. My first day back was the longest amount of time that I had been away from Gilby since he was born. Last week was pretty tough. At least I have the kind of job where easing back into it is totally possible. Not too many demands were placed on me right away. I had the hardest time keeping my eyes open! I was so sleepy. I swear I must have dozed off a time or two and lost a couple of files that I was working on.

K being a teacher and all, won’t be going back to work until after summer break at the end of August or early September. It’s great that she will be able to spend that time with the little guy. K will be going back part time then.

We are going to try our best to avoid sending the young Noodle to daycare for as long as possible. We don’t see the point of working a job who’s paycheck goes entirely to the daycare that you need to able to go to work. Hopefully I will be able to work some sort of schedule out at the office so that I am at home with G Noodle while K is at work, and she is home when I am at work.

We’ll see.

gilby chilling with phillip

Mother took some really cool photos of her G Noodle. I posted them up to the Flickr for your viewing enjoyment. Images captured by a mother of her baby are always insightful and beautiful.

Okay, I’m going to go out and finish mowing the lawn right now. It’s a tad cooler than it was yesterday. Maybe I’ll take a nap first.

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