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Friday 23 May 2008 - Filed under Uncategorized

I have been listening to a podcast from UC Berkeley this week that has been riveting. It’s the ART 23AC course lectures for Foundations of American Cyber-Culture. There’s some really interesting stuff. The lecture on the life of Alan Turing was fascinating. I had no idea!

That podcast reminds me of some of the stuff I was running into while doing research for my dissertation on new media. Hmm. I should go back and look at that again.

There’s some good stuff on iTunes U. Makes me feel less dumb and more smart like when I be listening. Ooooh, No wait, this one.

The MySpace page for the band Spiritualized has the whole new album, “Songs in A&E” up for listening. Quite tasty. I’ll be getting it.

When is the new Notwist album coming out? Early June? Yes please.

There were a couple of sites I failed to mention the other day while going on with my steampunk ramblings. They are two very important sites that deserved my linkage long ago. Steampunk Workshop and Steampunk Magazine.

I’m going to totally get a hold of those Steampunk Magazine kids and see what sort of services I could provide them. I would love to do some illustrations for the magazine. Hey you’re in Portland, I’m in Portland. I could fill in with some layout, some graphics? Website? Have your people call my people.

I’ve also been listening to the Steampunk Spectacular podcast this week. Looking forward to some new episodes there.

Oh hey, what’s this? I found this link in some notes that I don’t remember jotting down probably a day before baby came. Was I thinking about an interactive product design degree? Hmmm… I should investigate this more closely.

2008-05-23  »  Noodle

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