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she’s lost control again

Tuesday 12 August 2008 - Filed under movies + music

We watched the movie “Control” Sunday night. It was pretty amazing. That’s the movie about Ian Curtis, who was the lead singer of the band Joy Division. Yes it is sad and dark, a tad depressing, but having known the details of the story, I think we were prepared for it. It’s definately stuck with me and I have been thinking about it for the last couple of days.

I am a big fan of Joy Division’s music and that makes me wonder if the movie wouldn’t have been so great for someone who wasn’t familiar with Joy Division or the story. I’m not sure.

I think the actor who played Ian, Sam Riley, did a great job.

I love Anton Corbijn’s work and thought this was a pretty impressive first outing as a full length feature film director. His music videos are pretty awesome. The shots that he captures are what you would expect from such a great photographer.

I got to thinking about what it must be like to be one of the poor kids left behind in stories like this. I was a bit distraught during the scenes where he was holding his little baby daughter, Natalie. I started to wonder where that little baby was now days. The good ole internet gives up a quick search for Natalie Curtis and I found this great article on her thoughts about the movie. What? A MySpace page even?

I was also wondering about Frances Bean Cobain in correlation with the movie.
Oh my gosh. We are that old now.

I don’t know girls. Your dads made some awesome music, but…

Alright. That’s enough children of celebrities lurking for me.

It’s weird to imagine the headlines we’ll be reading when we’re 64 about the kids of today’s celebrities. I hope they don’t go too nutty. We love a nutty celebrity story here in the United States don’t we? It would really be cool if they did something amazing like found the cure for cancer or invented an amazing environmentally friendly energy source and the fact that their parents were famous was just a blurb way down in the bottom of the article. We’ll see.

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