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“Uh, everything’s under control, situation normal… How are you?”

Monday 12 January 2009 - Filed under artworks + baby + G NOODLE + Mondays + movies

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Yeah, not too much to report today. Just hanging out listening to Ween with the Little Noodle. It’s a gray Monday morning.

I need to get back to my fighting weight of being able to talk about nothing that I was once at.


We saw the documentary “My Kid Could Paint That” yesterday. It was great! Very thought provoking. My view of the central controversy is that they got so deep into it and people put down thousands of dollars, that they couldn’t backtrack from their original claim that she worked all on her own. Sure she was being coached! I think admitting that they gave her suggestions would have been fine. Good Movie.

I can’t wait to paint and draw with G Monkey! Oh it’s going to be so fun.

After watching that movie yesterday, I started thinking about setting up a painting area in the basement. You could totally splash stuff around down there. It is awfully dank and dreary down there though. I’m not sure if that setting would be the best place to nurse ones muse and create some inspired artworks.

Was one of my new year’s resolutions going to be, “get a Noodle family budget going”? Well if not, then it is now. We have got to figure this out. I have no idea what money is going where or when or what bills we even are paying. I’ve really let myself go. We have been just kind of rolling along blissfully unaware, spending all we can until the money runs out each month. That’s not good is it? It seems like we should be doing some sort of planning, or forming a strategy.

We are getting all the bills paid and are doing alright, it just seems that there is a bit of a “seat of our pants” thing going on that needs to be reined in a bit.

I’m going to start a list today and get some money in and money out columns going. I’m pretty sure that if we started doing any form of budgeting, that we would be better off.

and that concludes our bimonthly financial talk here at the journal…

So what’s going on this week? I feel like there is something in the works but I don’t know what it is. Something is waiting just off stage, behind the curtain, listening for it’s cue to make a grand entrance this week.

I hope it’s something cool and inspiring.

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  1. Christina
    12 January 2009 @ 8:07 pm

    Casey has some great budget spreadsheets and budget/financial planning tools — you should ask him to share!! LOL

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