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Saturday 11 July 2009 - Filed under Uncategorized

Or maybe I should say caldarium. No. I wouldn’t remember that.

I’m feeling like I have notes strewn out on little bits of paper, in drawers, closets, boxes, in the attic, at the office, in the car, in email, in hundreds of different notebooks, notes all over the universe!

I’m noticing that my memory on some topics and facts and figures is starting to get rusty and I have to make sure to write it down. No. Not as bad as that 50 and 60 something crowd that always complain about forgetting stuff.

The things I have to have down on paper is more technical in nature. I don’t remember any of my web design stuff or coding for example.

I thought I would make this little cauldron post so I could start collecting some notes here in one place in the journal. I guess I could have made a notes page somewhere on the website but that wouldn’t have been as entertaining. I will continue to edit this post from now on and add notes here. I can enter “cauldron” into my search engine up there and keep coming back here when need be.

Sure there’s an easier way.

I need to get back to producing some more videos for the interwebs.


Codec: H.264 for video codec. Choose AAC for Audio Codec
Frame rate: 30
Keyframes: Every 30 frames
Data Rate: 1800 KBits / sec
Size: 640 x 480 regular video. widescreen: 1280 x 720
Deinterlace: Yes
Sound Sample Rate: 44.100 Khz
Audio Quality: bit rate of 128 KBs per sec

descript: H.264 high band width.

Here’s the link on my adventures with backing up wordpress.

Here’s a link on backing up your database using phpMyAdmin.

Here is a list of literary magazine to send some writings to!:

A Public Space
BAP Quarterly
Black Warrior Review
Boston Review
Burnside Review
Drunken Boat
Four and Twenty
The Grove Review
La Petite Zine
Mixed Fruit
Monkey Bicycle
The New Yorker
Phantom Kangaroo
Poetry Northwest
The Portland Review
Red Fez
Revolution House
SmokeLong Quarterly
Thunderclap Press
Tin House
Untoward Magazine
Willow Springs

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