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Spicing things up

Tuesday 14 May 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Looks like today is going to be a better day weather wise. I see some nice sunshine this morning. I need to get out in it today I think. Maybe I will rake up the mountain of leaves that have fallen from the holly tree. Maybe I will go take a bike ride. I got to get out of here no matter what I do. I’ve got enough on my TO DO list to keep me busy for the whole day. I think I will start it off with sitting on the back porch with a cup of coffee. It sure is nice and relaxing out there with the morning Sun shining down on you.

Gosh, you know, I think I need to spice things up around here! I’m not really this boring. I am quite capable of turning up the heat and making things exciting. I swear! As soon as I shake this funk off you won’t even recognize me, the energy will be turned up so many notches. I really am better than this. You’ll see.

I must, I must, update that gosh darn transmission. I know you have been waiting patiently. Thanks again for the emails about Noodle Radio. Although I can’t take everyone’s request, I am definitely paying attention to your suggestions. They have been very helpful. I do have some new things I have been listening to that I should share with you kids. Speaking of, let me say once again that I love the CD “Neon Golden” by the band Notwist. Gosh so good! Another CD I want to hear is “Source Tags and Codes” by the band: And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. Martin said it was just alright, but it sounds like something I would like from what I read.

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