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The last Freedom Walk?

Wednesday 15 May 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hey Star Wars is soon upon us people! I am so excited! Aren’t you? I can’t wait to see more light saber battles. I hear Yoda is going to kick some butt this episode… No wait, don’t tell me. I’m sure some of my associates have already seen the movie and could ruin the whole thing for me. I think I will probably wait a day or two to see it. I do want to see it this weekend. Some of my chums were going to try to get some tickets for the 12 AM showing tomorrow morning, or would that be tonight? Gosh has it already been 2 years? I remember talking to my friend Seth after Phantom Menace, saying how 2 years was too long to wait for the next one.

Well it’s cloudy out there now, but the Sun is suppose to be out later today. Yesterday turned out to be really nice around the afternoon. I let the lawn get a bit taller this time so it could grow in a bit more. I think it will be due for a trim in a day or two.

Wednesday, kids! Best day of the week. Time for the Freedom Walk! I’m sorry to say it people, but this could be the LAST Freedom Walk. No, don’t worry I will still keep the freedom in my heart, but the time of me doing it on the Man’s dime is running out. You know me though I will still keep it real for all the homies. We’ll see. I go find out today if I can still keep the torch lit.

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