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still no Star Wars

Saturday 18 May 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

HEY, HEY, HEY. Did you miss me? I’m back baby!
I was mistaken last entry. Phantom Menace came out in 99 which makes the time between, 3 years. That makes my point even more valid though. It’s been 3 years! Time flies! Thanks to Lewis from North Carolina for bringing that error to my attention.

Happy Birthday to the lovely Ms. Rebecca! I’m right behind you with the whole 30 thing. She had an entertaining shin dig in the park and the mandatory drinking afterwords of course. The theme was “street games”. There was hop scotch, jump rope, marbles and other games. The real action was at the 4 square court. Oh my goodness! I thought Eugene was a balls out bike rider, but man you should see Eugene and brother Benny ride. Those kids are nuts together. Speed demons!

Boy it seems like a lot has happened since the last entry. Hmmm I’m sure I’m missing something.

We got to baby sit my nephews on Thursday night. Them are some good kids! I got to play with the elder Noodle and K had the baby Noodle duties. We had so much fun! Elder Noodle ran me ragged. That kid has got some energy! We played in the sandbox. I have much admiration for my brother and wife. I can’t imagine having a baby. I would be a nervous wreck!

No Star Wars here yet. Have you kids seen it? I want to. I want to! I kind of think it is going to be way too crowded this weekend. I may go during school hours next week. Martin saw it and he was ecstatic. It was so funny. He wanted so bad to talk about it, but I covered my ears and went “La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La!”

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