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Grand Floral Parade

Saturday 8 June 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

The yard sale is rained out! Dang it! We should have known though, this is Portland Oregon. Man! Yesterday we got rained on about 3 different stopping times where we had to put the tarps up over the stuff. Stinks! Amazingly we did manage to sell a few things. Well today I’m not sure what we are going to do. It’s sunny now but I’m not sure how long that will last. The weather forecasters aren’t any help at all. I thought that it would rain in the morning and then clear in the afternoon but I think it’s going to be the reverse now. I was going to get out there at about 12:00 today, thinking it would be sunny then but now I’m not sure. Maybe Sunday will clear up for us?

Gosh what a frustrating morning! The coffee maker isn’t working, the furnace is clogged again, the yard sale is all wet and the dog won’t eat his food. I think I may make some coffee with the French press, because I won’t make it today without my cups of joe.

K is out taking another test today for her schooling. Good luck baby! The kids and I are crossing our paws for you. Hopefully she will be back before too long.

This morning the Grand Floral Parade is happening today in town as part of the Rose Festival. The Rose Festival? Yeah, bah humbug. I’m a native Oregonian and I think that I have only been once. It’s a time for all the people in the surrounding suburbs to come in to town and get rowdy and drunk on the waterfront.

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