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Sounding Desperate

Monday 10 June 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Monday, Monday, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
How goes it friends? Pretty good here. Well the yard sale went just okay. I think competing with the Rose Festival and the bad weather hurt us. We did okay though. 150 bucks isn’t that bad is it? We will pull in more cash and customers with the next sale we have. Maybe this weekend again? It was kind of cool though, because we met quite a few of our neighbors. There are some interesting folks wandering around this hood. Hey thanks to G and S and the Wagners for joining in on the fun. You guys rock.

Well let’s see, start of a new week. Boy what should I do today. Well I think for starters I am going to scan every page of the Sunday newspaper classifieds and find the perfect job. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a graphics job, some warehouse work or office job would be fine. Hey, have you guys heard of any openings? God Noodle, you are starting to sound a little desperate. Cut that out boy!

After the Newspaper search I think that I may actually do some drawing and writing. Yeah that’s right, believe it or not I still draw and write. A drunken conversation last weekend with my friend Nick about my top secret project got me to thinking that I should really get to work on that puppy. It’s a good idea man. I have all the time in the World to work on it now! I can’t squander this free time! Argh! I’m going to be so mad at myself in a few months for wasting time!

I think that my friend Martin and I may go out and see Star Wars again today. Hmmm yes, there’s a plan. Maybe we could go see Star Wars and sneak into something else after that.

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