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taking the boys to the river

Thursday 13 June 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Woe Nelly! It was hot yesterday! 90 plus degrees. It could get to 100 today. See, now that is Summer weather! Where was that weather when we needed it during the yard sale? Don’t complain Noodle, don’t complain. I guess it hasn’t reached 100 here in town for the last 3 years. I was so confused by the heat yesterday that I forgot to open the windows and get the fan out until like 5 PM. I’ve got the fan going now though.

So Phillip and I went to the vet yesterday because of a cold that Phillip has. He has been pretty congested. We got some medicine for him. Looks like young Phillip has stenotic nares, extremely narrow nostrils. Don’t worry it’s not life threatening. I guess it is pretty common in flat faced dogs. We’re going to have to drill his nose holes when he gets a little bit older.

I’m watching a morning show now and they just said it was already 73 degrees. I’m going to have to make sure the animals and I stay hydrated. Maybe I will take the boys down to the river and go swimming.

We’ve got baby sitting duties again over at my brother’s house tomorrow evening. That should be fun to see those little guys. We’ll be doing a bit of juggling. K has to study for another test she’s taking on Saturday, so I may be paying attention to the kids while she studies.

Today I may just stay inside and draw and write.

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