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longest day of the year

Friday 21 June 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Good morning all. How are you doing? Me? Oh I’m alright I guess. Today is the longest day of the year. That would be Summer solstice right? Hmm maybe I should start a new tradition this year and celebrate the day somehow. Gosh! Do you people know how hard it is to type with a puppy jumping all over you, nipping you here and there with his razor sharp teeth? Come on boy. Let daddy talk to the nice people for a minute.

The weather has been pretty nice the last few days. Hopefully it can continue through most of the weekend. That would be cool. Now what should I do to celebrate Summer solstice? Maybe I could do some crazy pagan dance out in the backyard. Get all painted up, have burning torches in a circle, and spray the audience with goat’s blood. I think that may be a good start. I’ll try to come up with something else today. I’ve got time since it is the longest day and all.

You all remember that I declared that this is going to be the best Summer of our lives so far, right? I’m still sticking with that. We do need to get back on track and plan some sort of camping trip pretty soon here. That would be a good start. We’ve already got a few beach trips in the works. One thing we need to get back to is the bike riding. I haven’t been on my bike for a while now. I’ll probably have to pump the tires back up.

We watched the “Mothman Prophecies” last night. It was pretty good. It’s a creepy thriller type movie starring Richard Gere. He did an okay job this time around. Actually, last night was the 2nd time we watched it, because the night before we watched it and fell asleep 2 minutes after the opening credits, missing the whole movie. It definitely had some scary moments I thought. It was that good “someone’s looking in my window” type of scary.

I’ve got to go wash some dishes now and try to finish some chores. The puppy spun around in circles, with crazy energy and just finally passed out into a nap. Now’s my chance…

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