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Phillip Gets Overheated

Friday 12 July 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Are you ready for the weekend!?!
I sure am. Let me tell you, I need a break. It’s been nothing but work, work, work around here this week. Ha ha, just kidding. It has been a warm one for sure. We’re at the tail end of a heat wave. I think it’s reached 90 for 2 days in a row. You people in Arizona or Texas are reading this and thinking I’m crazy. 90 is a cold spell for you, I would imagine. Well it’s hot for us.

Phillip gave us a start on Wednesday night. We think he got over heated. The little guy kept running around the house in the sweltering heat. I kept telling him to slow down because it was too hot to run, but he wouldn’t listen. He had trouble breathing, did some weird things and zonked out to sleep eventually. Last night we didn’t let him run around as much and stayed outside with him longer, where the temperature was cooler. He seemed to do better. I hope we didn’t cook him too badly.

I received some free finance, book keeping software in the mail the other day. Let me tell you I am hooked. For some reason I am totally finding this stuff interesting. I’ve been entering our finances in, plugging in our visa debt, and balancing my checkbook. You can put your expenses into different categories, and work at building a monthly budget. I have McMenamin’s visits, alcohol purchases, and pet expenses as some of my categories. I am obsessed now for at least a few more days, about entering in all of our receipts. Zero plus zero is still zero but for some reason it’s easier and more entertaining to look at when it’s represented in a chart or graph.

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