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Saturday 10 August 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Gosh, weeks go by pretty fast when you don’t add very many journal entries. I’m sorry people, I’ll do better soon I promise.

The beach was fantastic. We were there Wednesday evening to Friday afternoon. The weather was perfect. The ocean was quite beautiful. We stayed at our friends beach house again. You know, a beach house is quite a nice thing to have at your disposal. Oh, and another thing that is great is mid-week coastal trip. There wasn’t anyone around most of the time, so you have the beach all to yourself. Phillip had a great time again. He ran his little butt off and had some good sand play time.

While at the beach, I bought the new Red Hot Chili Peppers CD, “By the Way”. It’s quite enjoyable. I was looking for a Summer of 2002 CD and I think that will be a pretty sound choice. It’s quite a bit mellower than some of the past Chili Pepper albums. It’s a good sitting in the Sun and hanging out album. It’s funny how quick a band can grow out of favor with the public. Some people thought that wanting to get the new Chili Peppers CD was the craziest thing they had ever heard, I don’t know, I liked it? They use to be cool? Ah, I’m getting old and uncool also, so who cares really?

Well once again, I should be out there setting up another yard sale. Daylight is wasting Noodle, get to it man! I don’t think there were too many customers out there earlier this morning anyway, it was pretty quiet. The weather is going to be perfect today for our sale. Come on down people! This is going to be our biggest yard sale yet.

Oh great! Once again there is NO COFFEE in the house! ARGH!

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