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how was the river?

Wednesday 14 August 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Well folks, we hit 101 here yesterday. Pretty cool, pretty cool. No wait, not cool, hot. Some places around the area got to around 110. Those are definitely not normal Oregon temperatures.

We did it for you yesterday, kids. K and I went to the river. We drove about 40 minutes out to Estacada and found a spot. Once there the water was ice cold and felt so nice. The spot we picked wasn’t very good though. It wasn’t deep enough for real swimming. We waded in a few feet and sat down on some rocks. I was getting totally bitten by these crazy flies, and that was a little annoying. We ended up staying there for about 5 minutes before getting back into the car.

We then decided that it would be a good idea to get a kiddie pool for our back yard that K, Phillip and I could play in. We went to 4 different stores that were all sold out. When we finally got home we hid in the front room with a fan and all of the blinds blocking out the sun.

Later in the evening we went to a dinner engagement and met up with K’s old friends. A number of people asked us how the river was. We thought that was strange because we hadn’t said anything about the river. Then of course it all made sense. They had been tuning into these very pages and reading about our adventures here in this journal! Awesome. I love it. Keep tuning in and I will try to keep you entertained. Hey, shout out to Officer Steven! So nice to see you last night. It had been way to long. Yes, let’s get together and hang. We can play Grand Theft Auto 3. The name of that program was Final Cut Pro, I think.

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was really great and original, and then stumble upon your idea later at the store? It makes you question if it was really that original, or maybe if someone even heard you thinking it and stole it from you. It makes you wonder if maybe you had subconsciously seen the item already before you thought of the idea.

Anyway, that happened to me again yesterday. I saw a certain item in the toy section at Fred Meyers. I went to the connecting website later and saw more of what I thought was a good idea. My idea wasn’t that original I don’t think, kind of a common sense thing. It may even be pretentious of me to think of my scribbled down notes as something that even compares. The item I saw yesterday was a bit different than what I had thought, but a lot of the concepts were similar. One of the major points of my idea hadn’t been touched on though, which still leaves me with some hope. I should probably continue on with my idea. Unfortunately the company that already did what I was thinking is huge. One of the majors. Me putting something together for one of the other majors, would look like a copy cat thing. My Pearl Jam to their Nirvana. Back to the drawing board Noodle! One of your crazy schemes will hit one of these days!

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