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Thursday 28 January 2010 - Filed under music + Noodle CLC + TV

Heeelooo there.

Yeah I guess it would be the doldrums. Maybe that’s it. It has been sunny a couple of times here this week and that’s good. It hasn’t seemed very cold yet this season either has it? Oh man, why did I just jinx it?

In an interesting juxtaposition yesterday (well, maybe for the nerd set), the Apple keynote was yesterday and so was Obama’s first State of the Union speech. The Twitter universe was a buzz.

I had to watch both the next day since I didn’t see either one on the day they happened.

I do try and catch Apple’s keynote most every year. Try to make an event of it. I’m not sure why. Remember 2007’s keynote and how excited I was. Introduction of the iPhone. I wonder if you can still watch that one. Yep. Now that was an entertaining keynote.

This year we have the introduction of the iPad. Yeah, I don’t know. Looks pretty cool. I won’t be running right out and buying one though. It took me a couple of years to get an iPod. I still don’t have an iPhone. I think I might have a touch of Apple cynicism. iCynic. I will be pretty excited to check it out at the Apple store.

After using my Droid so much for internet surfing and using my laptop less now, I can see that the iPad would be all one would need for computing at home really. That’s kind of weird. Keeping your monster powerful desktop at the office and keeping your dinky iPad for home computing. This guy I follow on Twitter pondered it well in this blog post I thought. Oh this one looks pretty good too.

I am a firm believer of not buying the first generation of anything. Wait, I did buy the first gen Droid though didn’t I. hmmm… Well I don’t buy the first generation of anything starting… now!

The State of the Union Address was fine. Overall it was pretty much a downer. I am still glad Obama is at the helm a year into it. Some people aren’t. I don’t know if he is going to be able to do anything he’s talking about, but I am more comfortable thinking of him in the White house than I was with W.

He said some good stuff. The parts at the end where he talked about people’s cynicism (hey iCynic again) and change was fairly encouraging.

I am sick to death of politics and politicians though, that’s for sure. Both sides of the aisle. I wish everybody would shut up. Bunch of smarmy assholes! If I may be so blunt. These long drawn out hard times have really sucked out whatever charm, humor and interest politics ever held for me and left a screen of static. Makes me sick.

I wish, I wish things would hurry up and get better in the economy, the country and job markets. There’s some folks out there in need of flip offs not possible to give in this climate of hunkering down. Wha…?

In more positive news: I am taking some free poetry courses online. Check out the classes at The Open University. Awesome stuff. I have been enjoying my poetry making. I’m working on getting educated on how it really works so I can get some solid stuff pumped out.

Hmmm… A grammar class would be a good investment.

In “oh yeah that website” news, a coworker reminded me about this website. The Hype Machine’s top 50 albums of 2009! You can listen to entire albums! Lots of things I had been curious about hearing and other stuff I didn’t even know about.

Great site to help with doldrums combat.

Oh yes! What about next Tuesday? The final season of LOST starts up with a two hour season premiere! I can’t wait for that. I think I need to watch the last 3 episodes of last season between now and then to get prepared.

New episodes of LOST will shake off some of the winter blues and keep us a little bit warmer.

2010-01-28  »  Noodle

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