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Idle hands are the devil’s something something…

Wednesday 10 February 2010 - Filed under movies + music + TV

I have been keeping myself fairly entertained over the last couple of weeks. That’s what we are supposed to be doing right? Keeping ourselves in a constant state of entertainment? As stupid, fat, lazy, Americans I would say staying entertained is pretty easy to do. Staying entertained with material of a quality worth blogging about seems to be getting more and more difficult though.

I am in absolute love with the album, “Embryonic” by the Flaming Lips! Yes, yes, I know Mike had mentioned to me that there was some Flaming Lips action worth checking out a few months ago. Their version of “The Dark Side of the Moon” is pretty awesome as well. The Flaming Lips is one of those bands that I want to really like. They are often hit or miss with me. Embryonic hit all of my buttons. Some really good sounds and trippy psychedelia.

Hmmm… Now I wonder if this stuff is just catching me at the perfect time and matching my mood?

For example: I watched “Avatar” in the movie theater the other day and thought it was spectacular! Maybe the movie caught me on the right day? I did go and see it by myself so I didn’t have any friends or family nay saying anything as I left the theater.

It’s so funny. Everybody bemoans the poor storyline and cheesiness of Avatar. Really? I thought we were done with good storylines? Didn’t everybody just give up after the Matrix sequels? Why does everybody think they deserve master storytelling now when it comes to Avatar?

You go to see Avatar for the amazing visuals!

I will say, don’t bother seeing it if you don’t see it in a movie theater in all of it’s 3D glory. The visuals and the 3D effects really are mesmerizing. I can’t imagine ever renting it for home viewing. You could probably really see the thread bare storyline if you get the DVD from Netflix and don’t have the stunning 3D to hypnotize you.

Whoa… sidetracked there… Back to the music:

I have been listening to the albums from the top 50 of 2009 list on the Hype Machine website. I have been discovering some great stuff that I missed from 2009! Full disclosure, or from the credit where credit is due department, I think the Shelton Twins were the first ones to turn me on to the site’s 2008 list.

I put the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s CD, “It’s Blitz!” on hold at the library. That album gets more awesome with every listen.

Also I am really digging “Fever Ray” by Fever Ray. Check out the crazy gorgeous videos here. I put that CD on my library holds list as well.

An album not on the Hype Machine top 50 list but on my library holds list is the newest Kings of Convenience album, “Declaration of Dependence” . I love those sweet Norwegian lads. Their video for “Boat Behind” sums it up nicely for me.

Maybe in the right mood.

On the TV front we have the major, major news story of the final season of LOST finally hitting the small screen! Yep. Pretty exciting for us here at the Noodle compound.

I don’t know though… I’ve seen the first 2 episodes (3 if you count the first night as a 2 parter) and I think I’m going to have to wait and see. I think that the show has been so magnificent at their gut wrenching season finales that their season premiere openers can’t really keep up with the hype that the viewers build up for it in their heads.

I am a tad underwhelmed at this point in the season. Actually, I think I felt the exact same way at the beginning of last season.

We’ll see.

Come on though, more new characters? New other other others?

It is the last season of the series and I’m sure they’ll wrap it up nicely.

Maybe LOST hasn’t caught me in the right mood yet this season.

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  1. Martin
    11 February 2010 @ 12:26 am

    Nice! I can relate. A band you probably already heard about that I really got into late 2009 was Friendly Fires. Their songs, ‘lovesick, skeleton boy, and kiss of life’…forget about it. L makes fun of me for liking them. They really talk to my copa cabana side.


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