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come on dude. where’s the writing?

Friday 12 March 2010 - Filed under movies + music + TV

ugh… URG… argh.

I know I know. I need to write more! I feel so accomplished on the days I post in this here journal. I must get to a write everyday routine. I want to start writing journal, dear-diary-like posts again. Record more of the Noodle goings on from day to day instead of just links to things I like on the internet. Although I guess we all know that “links that I like on the internet” posts are how blogs got their start.

See there, I just broke (once again) my self imposed rule about not writing about not writing! I should just keep breaking my rules and add some “I ain’t gots no money” bits too while I’m at it.

Dear Diary,
We have been working every single day and staying locked up in the compound hiding away and having fun with little man G.

I have found many awesome things on the magnificent World Wide Web and I will list them for you here:

Have you guys seen the PBS show Frontline special, “Digital_Nation” ? It’s pretty awesome. Douglas Rushkoff is one of correspondents. He does good work. I try to keep tabs on his writings and things. The program has excellent topics to think about concerning the digital world we are all swimming around in.

I found the parts about multitasking to be really interesting. It’s funny how everyone thinks they are so good at multitasking when in fact studies show we aren’t.

Also the parts about not being able to focus on anything deeply anymore and writing in chunks and bursts instead of long structured writings rang true to me as well.

Digital immigrants vs. digital natives is an interesting idea to think about as well. Imagine what G Noodle’s digital world will look like here in a few short years.

Yeah, Frontline was a fascinating view. I think I’ll delve into the online discussions on the site when I have a few spare moments.

_________ hmmm… maybe a line between topics?_________

I listened to the book “Blink” by the author Malcolm Gladwell last week. It’s a pretty awesome book.

I should really check out more audio books at the library. It’s a really great way to get some reading done while at work. Yeah, I don’t know though. I think I absorb more content that sticks with me when I’m actually reading. I’m really having to focus when listening to these audio books or my mind wanders off.

I started listening to “Naked Lunch” by William S. Burroughs yesterday. I’m going to really have to stay focused on this one. It’s a tough read er… uh, I mean listen.


Do check out “Sisterworld” the new Liars album. It too is awesome. While you’re at it watch their awesome video for the song “scissor” .

I just got done listening to it again. I think I want more rocking on it. Well, I don’t know if that is it. I think when I first listened to it I was totally in love with those sudden drum cracks on the song “scissor” and I was anticipating more of that kind of soft loud soft thing on the album.

It’s a great listen though, don’t get me wrong.


An awesome movie view for your Netflix instant viewing pleasure is “Epicly Later’d: John Cardiel” . It’s a documentary skate movie about the crazy skateboarding life of John Cardiel. He gets in an accident and becomes paralyzed. No really, watch it. It’s good. The skateboarding tricks that this guy pulls off are amazing. No fear.

Our lovely hometown Burnside Bridge skate park makes a number of appearances in the movie. I’m continually blown away by how legendary Burnside is. There have been some major skateboarding superstars down there skating that thing. Cardiel does an insane drop near the top of the bridge in the movie. Hmmm… I wonder if there’s a Youtube clip? Oh here’s a good one. You can see his drop there. It seemed more insane on the movie.


Oh yeah, there’s some more awesome stuff that I could talk about like the pretty good new Gorillaz album “Plastic Beach” or our mission to watch some of the movies we missed that were up for Academy awards like “Up in the Air” but I need to post this post already and be done with it.

Oh and the new Tron trailer looks freakishly awesome too.

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