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Do you blog anymore?

Wednesday 9 June 2010 - Filed under Uncategorized

photo by Alicia

photo by Alicia

Man oh man. Yeah, what’s the deal Noodle? Do you blog anymore?
Well, yes. I think I do. It’s kind of funny ironical because I did a couple of guest blog posts and one of the topics I wrote about was the importance of blogging. Ha ha ha… ah.. ha… hmm. Sure, I still blog. Just not very often.

I have been chugging along with my poems. That has been taking up my writing efforts and brain power. You may have noticed (maybe not) that some of the poems you had previously enjoyed on the journal can no longer be found here. I hid at least 5 of them. I guess on WordPress it’s called making private, and I stopped posting the new ones. Why you ask? Well I have been submitting my poems to different magazines and journals (4 publications so far) and they have rule-ish guidelines that state they want only previously unpublished work and some of these places consider a blog as being previously published. So I’m keeping the gems off of the Noodle Journal for now. I can put them up later if you’d like. I’m at around 26 poems currently. I’m going to try and have 50 done by the end of September.

Look at that it’s June! What is going on? What is up dude?

We have had an incredible amount of rain here these last 4 or so weeks. I don’t remember it ever raining here like this at this time of year. The older I get the more it rains. I know, I know. We live in Oregon. That’s what it does here.

There is green everywhere and that is lovely of course. It’s like a jungle. The weeds are flourishing! We get three days of rain and then half a day of sunshine. The plants just love that. Our whole house is going to be devoured by ivy. Luckily I was able to get the lawn mowed down yesterday during a sun break. Just in time. It has been pouring today.

Oh yeah, about the house news. We are going to sell the house! Yep. Well, we were going to put it up on the market here in June. We are 9 days into June now aren’t we? We should get on that.

Yes. We need a bigger place. A little more space. K wants goats. G wants a more kid friendly outdoors. I want an office, no wait, a den. Oh yeah, I also need more closet space.

This house has been awesome for us for the last 9 years, but now it’s time to move on. It’s a marvelous starter house.

We need the adventure of a new place.

We are looking for our next house anywhere in the neighborhood of Newberg Oregon all the way up to around Olympia Washington. Anywhere in between. Well, not really. We are looking for 4 bedrooms and at least an acre of land. That may sound like a lot to ask for but it’s actually out there believe it or not. My advisers have informed that the current horrible housing market is seeing some signs of life for being a buyer’s market. If you can swallow the bitter pill of the seller’s market you can do alright once you get to the buying side of the transaction.

We’ll see. I was a bit more excited about all of this a month ago. I’m sure I’ll get pumped up again when we find the perfect house to move into.

Plus we are in the process of trying to do some credit score repairing and that’s no fun.

What else? I’m sure there’s more.

Maybe I should ease back into this blogging thing. Take it slow for now. Not get too typing crazy.

2010-06-09  »  Noodle

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