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An observation

Thursday 26 August 2010 - Filed under music

A couple years ago after a few drinks I would go on and on about the greatness of Nine Inch Nails until the person I was talking to found a way to sneak quickly away. In 2010 my intoxicated musical evangelizing has been for the new Eminem album “Recovery”.

What is the significance of this? I’m not sure. It’s just an observation I made when I woke up the other morning.

Recovery” is my pick for 2010 album of the summer. I have been listening to it nonstop. I know. It’s probably rotting my brain. not very healthy. The poet in me really digs the crazy rhyme flowing. How does he do that?

I have also been listening to the Big Boi album “Sir Lucious Left Foot” and MIA’s album, “Maya” . Lots of hip hop for me this summer hmm?

Albums I haven’t heard enough of and need to listen to more are Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” , “Transit Transit” by Autolux and Menomena’s album, “Mines” .

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot about “How to Destroy Angels” by the Reznors… oh uh, no I mean by How to Destroy Angels.

So that’s some of what I have been listening to. There’s been been some good stuff in 2010.

2010-08-26  »  Noodle

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