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concern for the little ones

Friday 11 October 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Happy Friday to you all! Here comes the weekend! The sun is shining pretty good out there this morning. I just took the dog out and checked the weather. It may be good lawn mowing weather today. It’s cold and crisp out. I really like the smell and feel of a cold, clean fall morning. It reminds me of being a kid, growing up in Beavercreek and walking down the hill to the school bus stop with my brother.

I’ve got a couple of phone calls from lovely people who had read the journal and expressed concern for the little ones. Phillip is doing marvelous and Pierre is not so marvelous. Wednesday through Thursday morning were bad seizure times. It’s so frustrating and stressful. The seizures always keep you on edge because you keep waiting for the next one to happen. We tried to get him into the vet yesterday but both of his doctors are out of the office until Monday. We’ve raised his medication dosage up again and that has given us 24 hours so far without an episode. Hopefully we’ll make it to next week without too much trouble.

I pretty much just hid out in the house all day yesterday. I didn’t really talk to anyone either. What have you all been up to? We’ve all got to get together and hang out soon. Are there any plans for the weekend? We are going to check out our friend’s band, Fantastic Idea Project tomorrow night at the Mississippi Pizza Pub. It will be their 2nd show. Check out the sweatshirt I did for them in the Noodle Shop. I think it’s pretty sharp and will have to get one when more money comes in.

Oh my gosh! I saw a mouse in the lawn yesterday! It was so weird. He seemed to be moving really slow like he was sick or something. He was heading towards under the house! ARGH! I grabbed a shovel and was going to scoop him up and throw him into the neighbor’s yard, but I couldn’t get him. The shovel kept squashing him. I thought about killing him for a second but the dog was there and I was having trouble keeping him away from the dirty mouse. He stopped heading for the house but I bet he went there after we left. Great, that’s all I need, a rodent infestation! There are mountains and mountains of rats and mice around this part of town. This is the closest one to the house I have seen so far. They look for food stuffs and we have been good about keeping the unfinished basement clean. Hopefully they’ll stay away.

We watched “Death to Smoochy” last night and started watching “Brotherhood of the Wolf”. We’ll have to finish watching Brotherhood of the Wolf today. We fell asleep last night before we could finish it. Death to Smoochy was pretty good. It got kind of long and off track in the middle, but it was a pretty solid movie. Robin Williams and Edward Norton were awesome in it. Danny DeVito did a great job directing. Not the best movie I’ve seen all year but entertaining and well worth the rent.

I still haven’t got an answer from Geoffrey’s company. I called them on Wednesday and they said they were still working on it. That’s good I guess. At least it wasn’t an “already filled the position”.

I think I’m going to get a hair cut today. Man, that would feel nice. My hair has gotten out of control. My hair is so easy to cut. I go in and tell them, “A #2 clipper, shaved all over”. Maybe I should try a #1 this time. No, winter is coming soon and I do need a little bit of cover.

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