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feels like a Sunday

Saturday 12 October 2002 - Filed under Radish

I did end up getting a haircut. Now my head is cold. The temperature has gone down quite a bit I think. There was no cloud cover last night so I’m sure that has something to do with it. Hold on, I need to go get a stocking cap for my head. I feel like a new man with the nice short, shaved do. I’m ready to take on the World again.

I keep thinking today is Sunday for some reason. It feels like a Sunday. That’s cool though because I keep gaining a day every time I remember that it’s Saturday again. We don’t have anything really planned for the day. Today would probably be a good day to do some cleaning up around here. This laboratory is in serious need of some help.

We finished watching “Brotherhood of the Wolf”. It was really cool. Quite a pretty picture. It’s a French movie set back in the 18th century. These 2 men are sent to a village to save them from a beast that keeps devouring the village people. It pretty much was a mystical fantasy, lots of fighting, cool weapons and an awesome looking beast. We started watching the dubbed English version, but then switched it over to the French with English subtitles. The movie was much better that way.

Last night we went over and had dinner with Martha and Officer Steve. So very good to see you both. Martha made an excellent enchilada that I wish I had some of now for breakfast. I’m hungry. Officer Steve and I played Xbox until we fell asleep in the front room. “Halo” is the really cool Xbox game that I was thinking you should get, Steve. Shout out to the lovely Emma. She had missed her nap that day and was pretty tired.

When we got home, K and I watched a couple more Sopranos episodes. We are almost done with Season 3! What are we going to do? I think we will probably go through some withdrawals when we are done. I keep hinting around to a couple of people that it would be so kind of them to keep a tape going and record Season 4 for the poor Noodles.

I need to get started up again on some of my projects. I should go back over my notes and refresh my memory with some of the ideas I already have going. I could do a lot of work here on the web page. I need to update almost all of the sections here. I really need to improve the flash work in the garden. It needs some pruning. I’ve got a lot of plans for the 62nd & Radish section also. One of these days I’m going to add some different songs to the transmission section.

Oh hey! It’s Saturday, not Sunday. Cool now I have more time for projects.

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