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let the humdrum commence

Tuesday 3 January 2012 - Filed under baby + G NOODLE

Well that’s it for the holidays. K went back to work this morning and Poppie got in his 4runner and started his drive back to Arizona. Holidays are officially over!

I am watching the kids today while mommy is at work. We have been switching working and boy watching duties back and forth between us. K is with the boys when I am at work and I’m with the boys when she is at work. We are saving money on daycare this way and it’s good for the boys to be with a parent during the day. It’s been working out pretty well so far. We are quite fortunate that my job allows for a flexible schedule.

I think I do alright taking care of the guys. It’s tough some times. Two kids are harder to manage than one. When I finally get one squared away the other needs attention. I am always trying to get them to take naps though so I can take a nap. I’m not sure if that is the best parenting technique.

It is a tad less stressful now that Johnny is older. Little babies are so tiny and fragile. Now he’s almost 11 months old and sturdier. He is able to get knocked over by G and not be damaged too badly.

I’m not so good about keeping the house clean while I am on home duty. I do try though. Some days I have a hard time doing the chores while also keeping the kids entertained. The house is pretty messy right now.

I’m amazed and can’t imagine how single parents do it.

We are trying to not always plop the dudes in front of the TV. It would be quite a bit easier during the day if the TV did more of the babysitting though. We don’t think the boob tube is good for their little developing brains. I mean look how rotten we turned out from TV viewing. G and I are watching Inspector Gadget right now. Well, I’m actually typing this post. Johnny is napping.

Yeah, how am I supposed to do my writing with all these chores and two kids to watch? I think for my 2012 blogging mission I am going to have to get a writing schedule going and squeeze in words throughout the day when I get spare moments here and there.

Hmmm… I would love to take a nap right now. I don’t think I have had enough coffee today.

2012-01-03  »  Noodle

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