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Monday 9 January 2012 - Filed under internet + Mondays

A couple of days after this last Christmas, a friend, a guy I went to grade school with, had a heart attack and died. Just like that.

I say friend. Sure, he was a friend I guess. More like a guy I knew that went to school with a long time ago. I didn’t really know that much about him actually. I saw and talked to him for 45 minutes about his kids at the after party for our 20 year high school reunion back in August. I was drinking then of course but don’t remember if he was. I think he was. Before that I probably hadn’t talked to him in 23 years or so. I can’t remember having a conversation with him during high school. I probably talked to him during junior high. I talked to people more back then.

He seemed to be a really nice and cool guy. I was sorry to hear about him dying. I think I am developing more of this thing called sympathy the older I get. Or is it empathy? I feel horrible for his family and loved ones. He left a wife and three boys behind.

When one hears about that sort of thing though it quickly switches to being about you and the deceased fades into the background. The thing that has really messed me up about his passing is that I am freaked out about myself and how horrible it would be if I fell over and died from a heart attack at 39. How sad would that be for K, G Noodle and Johnny? I don’t want to die and miss my boys growing up!

Yes. Good morning. I am being a tad morbid again. Don’t worry. I went to the doctor in October and currently have a clean bill of health. (He did say I could stand to lose 5 to 10 pounds and should exercise.) How healthy are any of us though when the cold hand of death comes calling?

I probably wouldn’t have heard of the death if it weren’t for Facebook. I was Facebook friends with him and we both were connected to other people from high school mostly through the Oregon City High School 20th reunion page. It was weird watching the news spread on Facebook through mutual friends.

This wasn’t the first death of a Facebook friend for me. Earlier last year another lady I went to grade school with died and I also heard about it first on Facebook. I remember how weird it was when her birthday rolled around after she had died. There was an alert for it and people were still wishing her happy birthday on her wall. Weird. I don’t think they knew she had died? It’s eerie going to the Facebook page of a dead person when the page doesn’t know they are dead.

Death and social media is going to be a thing you hear about in the future (mark my words) if it isn’t already a thing. I should write a paper. hmmm…. Now that I think about it a little bit more, the last thing that family and loved ones of the deceased probably care about is what their loved one’s online persona is doing. But? Who takes care of that stuff after you die? Does your Twitter, Facebook and other accounts just float around the nets like ghosts? Facebook says here that if the family of the deceased person contacts them they can lock down the dead person’s page and make it a memorial page.

You can probably leave instructions, passwords and account information in a will these days I imagine. Yeah, you go to a reading of the will (do they do that still or just in the movies?) and find out that your uncle Barry has left you his blog with instructions on how to keep posting and updating it.

Oh well jeeze. Thanks Wikipedia. why didn’t you tell me you had an article on death and the internet before I typed all this?

2012-01-09  »  Noodle

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