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relaxed reticent resolution reflection

Wednesday 11 January 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Yeah, I know reticent isn’t the proper word up there.

This will be the last resolution post for 2012. Promise.

I was going back through some of ye ole journal posts again and I found this post where in I am getting a list of my 2010 resolutions typed out on the page. Also in that page I link back to my 2009 resolutions. Links within links within links. You don’t have to go back through all of the links if you don’t want. I’ll try to hit the main points with this 2012 resolution list.

I guess the thing that struck (struck isn’t the right word… stymied? no… bummed out) me the most was that my 2009 resolutions are almost identical to what I picked for my 2012 resolutions. Gosh. I’m still working on the same crap 3 years later? I guess that’s the way it works.

Here’s my list from 2009 which I am just copying and pasting and using for 2012.
(my 2012 updates to the list are in parenthesis)

I’m going to act more like an adult.
I’m going to read and write more in 2009.

I’m going to figure out some sort of hobby that isn’t anything like what I am currently into.
(This is a good one. Hmm I wonder if I kept to this one by getting into poetry in 2010?)

I’m going to get deeper into photography and digital video.
I’m not going to drink as much in 2009 and get a handle on some of my other self indulgent vices.
(Kind of have this one figured out now)

We’re going to have a good yard and garden year.
(Not as concerned about this in 2012)

I’m going to try and not get angry as easily.
I’m going to take a closer look at my career paths.

I’m going in to see a doctor for a check up. I haven’t been since ’94.
(This one was taken care of in 2011)

I’m going to actually read our bills in 2009 and get some sort of responsible budget going with the cash.
(Yeah this is probably worse and more dire than it was in 2009. Acting like high school kids with our money still holds true.)

I’m going to continue to be a good daddy, and even more so in 2009.
I’m going to make art for art’s sake.
I’m going to have even more fun and enjoy myself more than I did in 2008!

For my 2012 resolutions I’m going add go to the dentist in place of that go in to the doctor resolution.
Also I am going to read and write more poetry like I said a couple of posts ago.
Get published in some more magazines and websites.

The 2010 list (link at top) had some good stuff about getting our housing situation in order. We’ve got to do something about that this year. Sell our house, move into a different one or something. There’s a stack of repairs starting to build up. I think if we found a house that we were absolutely head over heals for it would make our current house dealings easier. Back in 2010 remodeling or adding on was something we were thinking about but we had a few contractors out since then and remodeling and adding on probably wouldn’t be an affordable thing to do.

Oh, also, one thing that wasn’t in any of those lists was exercise. I’m going to figure some sort of exercise routine to get started on. Maybe jogging? UGH. I could ride my bike to and from work. That would be a good way to get exercise while actually doing something. I do need a new bicycle though.

Well that’s that. There’s a good start and getting some good stuff going for 2012.

2012-01-11  »  Noodle

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