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The Ballad of Johnny No Sleep

Thursday 12 January 2012 - Filed under baby + Littler Noodle

I should write a poem about it. Oh boy oh boy.

Johnny just would not go to sleep last night. He was whining and crying and moving around. Poor guy. Not sure what his deal was. Having a baby that won’t go asleep during the 2 A.M. to 4:30 A.M. makes for some crazy parents let me tell you. For some reason K and I have been fighting and blaming each other for Johnny No Sleep. Out of our heads during those hours. Then of course you get up in the morning, go to work and are dead on your feet. Oh yes.

I eventually held Johnny close last night and every time he started to fuss or wiggle I gave him a shhh shhh shhh, and rocked a bit until he fell asleep finally.

When he finally did sleep and I slept, I had a messed up dream that he and I were at a Jurassic Park theme park and all these giant robot dinosaur dragon things were chasing everybody. It was horrible. I was like, “This doesn’t seem appropriate for a baby!” I grabbed Johnny and started running. There was that terrible sound of people screaming in the distance. You know that sound where you know that whatever they are screaming at is soon to be heading your way. Finally I just stopped and tried to remain perfectly still and not move. One of the dinosaurs stopped and found Johnny and I and was sniffing us as we were crouched down not moving. I don’t remember if I yelled something like, “Come on! This isn’t cool. There’s a baby here!” Whatever the case the dinosaur ripped a tag off of my backpack (I had a backpack on) that was I guess, a pass that allowed us to get out of the park without getting messed with. The dinosaur said something then like, “Get out of here. Don’t go downstairs!” Then it ran off to the downstairs area where some sort of horrors were about to befall the other park visitors. Johnny and I then went to the video game parlor which was more our speed. At the door the guy said it was closed and I said “The sign says 5 it’s only 4:30!” I was mad at the dude. He let us in and we waited by the video games until the rest of our party got out of the dinosaur park. Gosh, whose idea was it to go there for vacation?

No sleeping baby makes for some crazy wackiness. I hope he sleeps tonight. I’m pretty tired now, but I’ve had a venti mocha and a pint of coffee so my eyes are open at least.

I don’t know if it’s my half asleep brain sparking misfires or what but I have had quite a few ideas for stories and poems today. I should write the ideas down and see if they hold any water after I get some rest.

The key to this year is going to be finding every spare moment of the day I can and stuff as much writing and art making into it as I can. Creative time management. Sure I’m busy and all but there are moments for creating. I just can’t waste them.

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  1. kathy
    12 January 2012 @ 2:39 pm

    hang in there chad! We are going thru the same stuff right now with Leo’s sleep patterns. woof.

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