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standing in cold without gadget wires

Friday 13 January 2012 - Filed under music

hey there hey there.

It’s getting colder out there! There’s “probably won’t happen” talk about snow coming our way! Probably won’t happen is a start. This winter season I am hoping for just one day of heavy snow. That would be nice. One day. Then spring.

The bus and MAX were each about 5 minutes late a piece. This wasn’t too bad time wise as I still caught both of them but I think it may have thrown my clock off.

Also, I don’t have my phone charger with me, so I am going to have to go without my phone today! The horror! I may have a problem. I felt myself getting a little frantic while going through my bag looking for my charger. No it’s good. I’ll take a break from the phone today. I often times (not all the time) turn my phone over on my desk at work or put it in a drawer so I don’t see when the green light flashes telling me a have a message. It can be very distracting always checking for that green little light blinking. I wonder who’s texting me now… hmmm…

I brought my iPod in to work today. First time in a while. It’s oh so delightful. My iPod has music on it my work computer doesn’t. I’m listening to “Sunset Tree” now by the Mountain Goats. Yes, I am trying to sound hip now, but I really do love that album.

Oh, well look at that. That’s cool. What, you ask?

Back when I was 37, oh so many years ago, was when I decided I would start to get serious about starting to write poems. Somehow that year I figured out that Bono was 37 in 1997 when U2 released the album “Pop”. So when I listened to that CD as a 37 year old I was listening to something another 37 year old had produced and worked on. Get it? Could this be called age appropriate music listening? No that’s not a good term. Maybe age matching? How about age alignment music listening?

Well you say, “Joshua Tree” is a million times better than “Pop”! Yeah yeah whatever. That’s not the point. In 1987 when “Joshua Tree” was released, Bono was 27. Sure 37 year old me could have listened to “Joshua Tree” (and probably did) but what does 37 year old me have in common with a 27 year old?

What I am saying is, when you listen to music or experience art created by someone who was the same age as you at the time of the creation, I think you are getting an extra dose of inspiration because you can relate to the artist also in terms of age. When the guy I am listening to now thought up and created these lyrics we were the same age. What topics, themes and experiences was he drawing from that perhaps I can also draw from and use in my work at this age. You have similar concerns. You are two humans who lived a certain number of years on the same planet. That is how the artist saw the world and related to life and you can now compare and contrast that with how you see the world.

I think you probably would have to live within a hundred years of each other for it to work though. I’m not sure what 39 year old me now would have in common with 39 year old Christopher Columbus.

So… Yeah. Looks like my boy Trent Reznor released the Nine Inch Nails (I do talk about NIN a lot in this journal) album “With Teeth” in 2005 when he was 40. I won’t be 40 until December but that’s a pretty close match to my music age alignment scheme/theory. I’m sure he was working on it when he was 39. I will listen to “With Teeth” this year and try to squeeze some inspirational juice from it. I listened to it today with the “someone turning 40” lenses on and it added a new layer to the album. Also “With Teeth” was the album he made after getting clean and sober. Add that to the mix 40 year old drunkies of the world.

Bono didn’t release any albums with U2 when he was 39/40. Oh wait. They released “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” when he was 40. Oh jeeze. The only U2 album I don’t own…

Don’t take my word for it though. Do the math and listen to your guys at whatever age you are now. I guess it’s good we have oldies like the Rolling Stones still around so we will have age aligned music to relate to when we are senior citizens.

2012-01-13  »  Noodle

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