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Snowshine On My Shoulder

Sunday 15 January 2012 - Filed under baby + Littler Noodle

We saw some snow falling out of the sky this morning. Yep. Nothing is sticking though. It was the first time Johnny saw snow falling. Not sure if this counts though as his official first snow. It was barely coming down. A snow trickle. It didn’t stick. I mentioned that part right? We haven’t been very good about commemorating Johnny’s firsts. We’ll try to do better. We will make note of and video of Johnny playing in the snow just as soon as there is enough snow on the ground to play in.

So I was doing some more figuring with my music age alignment program I mentioned a few posts ago. Looks like Mr. Thom Yorke was 39 years old in 2007, the same year Radiohead released “In Rainbows”. So I can add that album to my 39 year old playlist. Looks like they recorded it from 2005 to 2007, so that counts.

I have been going through and reading old posts here in the journal. I found this post from September 2009 on the PDX creative class to be pretty interesting again. That was from a couple of years ago. I was thinking about it the other day and I am not up to date with what is going on with creative companies in Portland today. I use to know what the cool advertising and design firms around town were doing. I remembered today that I had this page on the website and found it again. It’s a page that I made a long time ago that listed all of the companies that I thought were cool back then and would have liked to work for. Going through and clicking on some of the sites today I found a lot of dead links. Companies have gone under or maybe at least changed their web addresses. I haven’t been paying attention to the firms in town because I haven’t cared too much over the last couple of years. Part of it also is I don’t find web design as interesting as I use to. I have been hunkered down with my nose to the grindstone not looking around.

I think I’m probably going to start looking around and get back up to speed with the game and familiarize myself with the players. Hey, if my current employment situation is reading this now, I’m not saying nothing about nothing. I don’t want to get in trouble or anything. I am going to be 40 this year (I’m going to stop saying that) and I need to analyze my career a bit and figure out what I want to be doing for the next 25 or so years.

Gosh I’m sleepy. I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. Perhaps I will try to go to bed earlier tonight.

Oh that’s funny. K and I were just talking about Chris Martin and his age (discussing the age alignment and music thing of course) and I just looked to the side there (pointing to the left of this website) under the “on this day..” column and see the post I wrote on Chris’s age from 2006. I am going over the same topics again and again and again on here! Sheesh!

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