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many fun things in store for next year

Tuesday 31 December 2002 - Filed under Uncategorized

Good morning everybody. Boy, it is a beautiful morning outside right now. I just got back in from taking the dog out. The Sun is shining, the grass is wet and sparkling, the air is fresh, no breeze. It’s the last day of 2002 people! I’m glad to see it go. I don’t know, it wasn’t the best year, but I guess it wasn’t the worst. Ha! I didn’t really have any work related stress or problems with coworkers this year. I could pretty much take off on a vacation any time I wanted. No, I am way glad 2002 is done. The end of this year really socked it to me. I’m looking forward to good things happening in 2003.

So it’s New Years Eve tonight! Do you guys have plans? I think we have decided on the Wagner’s again. This is like the 4th year in row with those cats. Good thing we like them so. I think I’m going to shave and get a haircut today to clean myself up for the new year. My hair has grown out quite a bit and needs to be pulled back to my army do. Yes I’ll get all tidied up for the new year. That’s only one of the things I have planned for today. I’ve got quite a few things on my list. Oh yeah, I would like to take the dog for a walk today also. Man I need to get going. The day will be over before I know it. I’ve got some computer drawings to do for Matt if I have time.

I think maybe it’s this lovely, sunshine filled morning that’s got me feeling contemplative. Maybe it’s the microwaved coffee. Whatever it is I think today is going to be a good day for reflecting on the year we’ve just finished and looking at the one coming up. I need to get my resolutions in order and get to work on some goals for next year. Things are going to be good people! I’m actually feeling kind of creative this morning. Shoot! I better do something artistic quick, before this pleasantness goes away.

Hey yeah, look! Noodle actually wrote some stuff out about that crazy Desktop of the Month Club that has been sitting there a while without an explanation Yep. That’s one of the many fun things I have in store for the next year. The giving away of the stickers part was K’s idea. I was thinking one day (probably while still at adidas) that I needed a way to spread the Noodle love into all of your homes and offices. Give back to the community that has given so much to me. I was thinking that this Desktop of the Month Club could be like those Wine of Month Clubs or those Book of the Month Clubs. We’ll see. Whatever the case people, sign up and put the Noodle art on your computer screens so that I can continue on with my World Domination 2003 Plan and infect the whole planet. I’ve got some good ideas for desktop art I think, so it should be interesting. I’ve still got to finish January’s so be patient.

Oh man! Look at the time! I’ve got to get my day started! Goodness was I really typing that slow today? Well time to hang up people! Talk to you next year!

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