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Sunday 12 January 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

Good Sunday morning people. How are you doing? Doing pretty good here. I caught a cold somewhere. I was pretty groggy and snotty last night. I feel a little bit cleared up this morning. I’ve got some microwaved coffee now, I’m listening to This American Life on the radio, and I’m heading back to the land of good health.

My goodness! I am such a bad uncle. In the middle of my cold induced stupor, we realized that we forgot to go to my youngest nephew’s first birthday party yesterday. Man, we felt so bad! I am SO sorry little Noodle! Please forgive me. I hope that years from now he won’t come and call me on the carpet for not going to his 1st birthday.

So what’s going on today? I’m not sure. I don’t think there is anything going on today. Maybe I should double check though to make sure we don’t miss anything. I will do some reading today. I’ve been doing well with my reading resolution so far this year. Maybe I’ll do some drawing today also. I think my cold has subsided enough to do the chores I skipped last night due to my cold excuse. That’s about it I guess. Nothing too excited. A new Simpsons is on tonight. That’s good.

Isn’t it interesting how places and things change when you don’t see them for a number of years? This isn’t a very original observation I realize, but I experienced it again on Friday when I went back to my high school to get my transcripts. Things looked like they did when I was attending but different. I think maybe the building didn’t recognize me as a 30 year old. The thing I found the most interesting about the visit was how only a couple of city blocks were the strange things to me. I have been to the city of Oregon City millions of times since I have graduated, just not to the block that the school is on, or in the building. Everything was very familiar and on my same current time line until I got to that block. I’ve only lived in this state, and I can only imagine going back home to a different state and being blown away by how much everything has changed.

I passed by a girl there in the hall who was talking on a cell phone. Do they let cell phones in school now? They didn’t have those as readily available when I was going to school, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have allowed them in school interrupting learning. I wanted to look around more than I did but felt old and thought people would think it was strange if I was walking around looking at stuff.

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