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the smell of summer

Tuesday 11 February 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hello, hello there. I hope this morning sees you well. The sun is shining bright today. I know that this may be a little bit early, but I was walking to my car last night and I got that whiff, that smell of summer. You know how the air always felt and tasted during summer? I swear I caught some of it. Maybe it was spring that I tasted. Maybe it was just someone’s dryer vent. What ever it was it was good and I’m excited and anxious for the real smells, tastes, and feelings of spring and summer.

Speaking of smells and tastes, I have been a fish smoking fool these last few days. We’re actually still smoking the first batch, so I guess I haven’t been too crazy with the smoking. We’ve got an electric smoker going on the back porch. The smell of smoked smelt is slowly trickling through the house. No, no, that’s a good thing. It makes me hungry though. I will probably take out the first batch when I get done here. I hope that we don’t give ourselves food poisoning or botulism. That wouldn’t be good. They’ve been smoking for 24 hours so we should be okay right?

I have free seminars at the school every day this week. They’re little 2 hour overviews of different topics. Last night we took a basic tour of the digital video editing program, Avid Express. It was pretty cool. I enjoy video editing. I have to be careful now with my student discount on computer software. I can see myself getting into lots of expensive programs. Luckily having to pay for the schooling will keep me from buying too much of anything. During tonight’s seminar we will be looking at various multimedia program demos. This is a good way for me to slowly slide back into the school routine.

We are going to take the dog for a long walk this morning. That dude needs some exercise!

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