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freaking snowball

Wednesday 12 February 2003 - Filed under Uncategorized

We’ve got more Sun this morning. It’s so nice around these parts. I feel sorry for you people that are still stuck in winter. Yesterday was just gorgeous. We went on a long walk at the University of Portland with the dog. That was pretty fun. When we got home we did some chores and I mowed the lawn. Yep that’s right. I mowed the lawn already this early in the year. Is that strange? No, what am I talking about? People have been cutting the grass for a couple of weeks now. Our lawn looks great. I remember being fixated on the condition of the lawn last year, and this year won’t be any different. When it gets weed filed and dried out later, I need to remember how beautiful it looks now. Green and full of life. Oh man, almost nothing beats the smell of freshly cut grass. Well I guess the smell of freshly baked bread does.

So I had a semi-bad dream last night, or maybe it was this morning. It wasn’t a scary dream though. A friend of mine was sad and worried about the state of the World and the state of everything. I felt so bad for the person and was surprised that this person felt this way. In the dream I started getting worried and anxiety filled. When I woke up I realized it wasn’t dream and I’ve been a ball of nerves like that for a year or so now. Then I came in here to write the journal and I read the internet news sites about imminent terrorist attacks and war. I make the rounds on other journals and blogs to find that they are writing about being freaked out and worried. Now I am writing about being stressed out about current events, and how uneasy I am about the future. It’s like a big freaking snow ball getting bigger as it rolls down the hill. I’m so tired of worrying about everything. I’ve got to get myself out of this funk. I will try to focus on the positive things like mowing the lawn.

Yeah. See, now I lost my train of thought. Okay positive, positive. Hold on one second. I’ve got to get some more coffee and think about this one for a bit. Oh here’s one, a band that we really like is coming to town on Sunday. Notwist is playing at the Blackbird I hear. I’m going to have to double check my information, but that’s cool. Maybe that will help make up for missing Interpol on Valentines day. You know, that Blackbird place gets some pretty good acts in.

I have been doing some research on the CD ROM called “Gadget: Past as Future”. It was created in 1994 by a man in Japan named Haruhiko Shono. I remember holding the game in my hands back then thinking I should get it but never did. A few years later I found a book on it that was real cheap because the cover was ripped. The images in the book were great. I was really into the whole “steam punk” thing back then, which I would group this into. Really fancy 3D computer rendered illustrations that were top notch at the time. The game really wasn’t much of a game as it was a interactive story or novel that you traveled through. It was critically acclaimed and I think it still holds mustard today. I found a few places on the internet that still have the CD ROM for sale. I should get it.

The reason I’ve been looking into it is because I would like to do something like that one of these days. Well since I haven’t actually looked at it, I would like to do something that I am imagining it to be like. I’m trying to think of different ideas and projects that I could work on once I’m back in school. I’m working on putting together a list of things that I like style wise so that I can have a direction to explore once I get in. Gosh, is that weird? No, I don’t think so. Man! April is just so far away. I need to start schooling now. A “These are a few of my favorite things” list probably isn’t such a bad idea. I could make the list and then explore what it is that I like about those things. Then whittle it down even further until I have the whole thing mapped out.

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