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Sunday 12 February 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Hello! I am still here. Boy oh boy.

Feeling somewhat better today. Still a little bit queazy and not altogether. Maybe a bit warm temperature wise. I’m not sure what my sickness was last night. I was zonked though. Exhausted and sickly.

I am drinking fluids now. Haven’t ate anything. I’m thinking about making some Top Ramen. Chicken flavor will be okay on my tummy right?

I went back in to the office to do my Sunday work shift. Propped myself up in front of my workstation.

Yesterday before all my sickness I had went over to my coworker friend Jason’s house and recorded myself reading some of my writings. I found reading my poems out loud to be quite difficult. It’s hard reading that stuff. I’ve read and heard people say that one should always read their poems out loud while they are writing them. I am in agreement now after yesterday. I use to think well they aren’t really meant to be read out loud. You read them on the page. Saying them out loud though shows how they flow and you can see where your rhythms aren’t working.

I stumbled through several takes of my poem “Bébé qui lutte avec des diables”. I hadn’t read that one in probably about a year. I saw all kinds of things to change with it after reading it out loud. It just doesn’t flow very well. We are going to splice the good paragraphs from each take together.

I have a lot more of an appreciation for the readings I have been hearing by others on the internet. I need to practice more. Hey maybe I should start going to open mic nights at poetry readings and read my stuff.

Who knows. Maybe I was already starting to feel sick when we were recording. I should try to do some more spoken word readings when I feel better.

It was fun recording. Working on stuff. This all started because I was going to do a video for “Bébé qui lutte avec des diables” and I wanted to know if Jason wanted to do some audio for it. Hmmm. I don’t know if I want to do a video still. G Noodle is the star of the poem and I was supposed to have filmed him for it when he was a little bit younger. We could probably still do something. I need to figure out what kind of scenes I would shoot for it.

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